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September 11, 2013

Record-Breaking Week at 2016

A work day would normally start at either 5, or 6 am. Each day would start with a group huddle, and discuss a safety topic, and another employee driven topic if needed. I learned a lot at this job about different rules and regulations, and how it can affect a job being done, why they are in place. Management was always available for helping with problem solving and open to clear communication. Working with others at Waste Management is always fun. Every day you could have a conversation either before or after your scheduled work with a different person. I think the toughest part of being a driver for WM is working during poor weather, especially during the winter months. The most enjoyable part of the job is working with a diverse group of people as well as the pride in knowing every day that you are safely operating a commercial vehicle and keeping yourself, your co-workers, and the general public safe whenever you are out on route.


Decent pay, good overtime, great co-workers

Laborer Supervisor (Current Employee) – Elizabeth, PA –

I have learned a lot about safety on an entire new level, the dangers that occur of working in the oil field and how you and your team has to be alert at all times.

great pay and learning expericence


Not much room for advancement

Route Mgr - All LOB's (Former Employee) – Orangeburg, SC –

Waste Management is one of the better companies O have worked for. They are on the cutting edge of technology and all other Waste Companies follow their lead. If you are fortunate enough to be hired on, do not leave, you are at the best place to work.

Driver (Former Employee) – Ault, CO –

horrible place to work. never felt like a real person. only good thing was steady work and bennies. just want to be human agian

Maintenance Mechanic (Former Employee) – Liverpool, NY –

cool ly learns and applies new information and methods to work in assigned area
Maintains appropriate licenses, training and certifications
Works on routine assignments that require some problem resolution
Works within clearly defined standard operating procedures and/or scientific methods
Adheres to all quality guidelines
Works under moderate degree of supervision
Work typically involves regular review of output by work lead or supervisor
Refers complex unusual problems t

Recycler (Former Employee) – Moreno Valley, CA –

its a decent job to work at if you dont mind getting really dirty.
its a decent job i enjoyed my time i worked here and loved the early morning shift

Helper (Current Employee) – Houston, TX –

Once i clock in, i proceed to my assigned truck and head to our stationed routes. Since i'm great at what i do, my shifts never last as long as others. I usually help others since i finish early. I learned patience at this job and the management is pretty ok and always work around my availability. My co-workers are not as dependable but friendly and inviting. The hardest part about the job was being able to be in a good state with my body. I am getting worn out and i'm worried about my bodies state. The most enjoyable part of my job was being able to get through my routes and have customers thank me and reward me for properly handling their trash bins.

health care, outdoorsw

Heavy Equipment Operator (Current Employee) – Beckville, TX –

I get to use heavy equipment in a work environment that few people get to enjoy! I love to work outdoors and this job has plenty of that. I also love to assist with the paperwork that most people would try to ignore.

Great chance to learn about heavy equipment from more experienced co-workers.

Must start as a temp.

Billing Clerk III (Current Employee) – Phoenix, AZ –

everyone is very helpful and works great in a team environment. When you need help someone is always willing to assist even if they are busy. management is wonderful.

Residential Route Manager (Former Employee) – Glenwillow, OH –

Productive and people environment. I learned a lot about people management and punctuality skills. The hardest part of the job was managing routes when unexpected call offs occurred. The most enjoyable part of the job was to see staff feel rewarded for their efforts at the end of the work day.

incentive, compensation, people oriented, educational updates and training

staff shortage, incidents

Lead (Former Employee) – Whitmore Lake, MI –

Three tours with Waste Management, all on Different levels.

(2000 - 2002) During this time I was just a driver. I trained new drivers in Commercial Front End Load operations.

(2004 - 2005) Great place to work, made a lot of connections here inside the business. I was in charge of taking care of one of the largest company contracts in the United States. Dealing with the client first hand and making sure that all of their needs were dealt with in a timely manner.

I had 50 employee's in 3 lines of business working under me. I took care of all training for all employee's from new hire orientation to on going safety training.

I received Best in State Safety award for 2005. My crew went 10 months without an accident or injury.

(2008 - 2011) Lead Driver/ Trainer

Territory Account Manager (Current Employee) – Greenwood Village, CO –

Good people but out of date data systems from 1980.

Management and directors are constantly changing so it makes it difficult to establish expectations.

Hired for sales but too bogged down with operations and meetings about missed collections.

new management every 6 months

Sales Coordinator (Former Employee) – Marietta, GA –

Great pay, call center environment, high stress calls, trained to take calls around the country. You were constantly having escalated calls from unsatisfied customers. Leads would rarely take phone escalations.

Great people to work with

Driver, inspector, scale operator (Current Employee) – Fond du Lac, WI –

Every driver has a route that they work for the day. There are three lines of business; residential, commercial, roll off. Each driver has set routes that they work every week except for the roll off drivers in which they do the work as a call in/need basis. Each driver is on their own throughout the day and work at their own pace to get the routes done. The day is done when the work is done. The faster you work the sooner you get home.

Loader - Temp (Former Employee) – Charter Township of Clinton, MI –

It's okay place to work to make a weekly quick pay check. The guys are cool they need to just hire in the temps that been there for 8 - 10 years.

Route Manager (Current Employee) – Fort Worth, TX –

Couldn't be happier with the overall atmosphere of the company great place for drivers and managers to work. Would recommend working at this company to anyone.

Outside Territory Manager (Current Employee) – Washington, DC –

Company takes care of its employees. Good Benefits and time off policies. Pay does not correspond with work. The job that I do is all contract based.

As long as you make your number you can work from anywhere

Not much upward movement.

Senior Collector (Former Employee) – Atlanta, GA –

Waste Management was also a great place to work. It afforded me an opportunity do my job and also work in the Sales Department selling their products and to go from site to site training other employees on their computer system.

Security Operations Specialist (Former Employee) – Houston, TX –

able to have every other weekend off.
12 hour shifts for full time employees.
work as a team to watch security cameras but able to have own workspace and own desk area.

Clean India: Working Models of Rural Waste Management
Clean India: Working Models of Rural Waste Management
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Hitler working for waste management.wmv

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