Suburban Waste Management

February 21, 2017

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Curbside Pickup Guidelines

Please Place your Contents at the Curb by 6 AM
Do not depend on a pattern of collection time.

Bulk Items

One Bulk Item Each Week is included in your service fee, but you must call us at 610) 497-5763 and let us know it is there for pickup or it will not get picked up. Bulk items include Mattresses, Box Springs, Light Weight Furniture, Hot Water Heater, Bar-be-cue grill (no gas tanks) etc.trash service in pa If our truck is too full when we pass, collection may have to wait until next pick-up day. Carpets must be cut into 3 ft. lengths, bundled and tied.


Please call in advance to schedule collection of washers, dryers, and refrigerators. There is a minimal fee for Freon and Non Freon items.

Threshold of Disposal Contents

Please be considerate to your service team when disposing of your items. Contents must not exceed 50 pounds. We collect one full trash bin (96 gallons).
DO NOT DISPOSE OF DEMOLITION ITEMS. Your service fee is based on an estimated average tonnage of normal household waste. Dumpsters are available at a discount.


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