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March 6, 2016

In that omnibus survey

Below find a list of engineering topics which may be useful to private citizens, business and municipalities in North Carolina. These individual topic sites provide a combination of extension and research information, resources and contacts to enhance public sector technology transfer in areas concerning engineering for agriculture and the environment. The public may also be interested in training and credit workshops and certificates offered by this department.

List of Agriculture and Environmental Engineering Topics:

  • - agricultural air quality, Air emission sampling, measurement & modeling, Air quality monitoring and dispersion modeling, Air pollution abatement system design, Animal housing and environmental management.
  • - Overview of Biofuels in relation to agricultural production.
  • Composting - Information about composting organic materials for home and large -scale composting situations. It also provides information on food waste management.
  • Drainage Advisory - Aid for agricultural farmers and producers, describes drainage water management, gives general guidelines on how to manage drainage outlets, answers frequently asked questions, presents a tool for determining soil and site specific recommendations for DWM.
  • Permeable Pavement - Research of alternative to asphalt or concrete surfaces that allow stormwater to drain through the surface controlling runoff often helping with pollutant filtering.
  • Riparian Buffers - Research of the effects of naturally vegetative lands adjacent to streams, rivers, and lakes that can positively protect the integrity of a water body.
  • Waterharvesting - Information on rainwater harvesting of stormwater runoff, methods to capture and use rainwater as an alternative to of a city or well water supply, cistern information.
Research Minute: Garey Fox
Research Minute: Garey Fox
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Improving Hydraulics
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Improving Hydraulics
BAE Research Innovations
BAE Research Innovations

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