Masters in Agricultural Engineering

October 10, 2015

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The Graduate Program in Biological Systems Engineering is based in the department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. Graduate students share many of the privileges and responsibilities as regular departmental staff members, and are encouraged to participate in staff meetings, seminars, and departmental social functions.

Office and furniture (desk, chair, and file) are provided as long as space is available. Doctoral students generally have first priority for office space. At times, space limitations may allow desk assignments only to graduate students employed as teaching or research assistants or equivalent. Desk space for students who are not employed will be assigned on the basis of seniority. A key is issued that provides access to all research laboratory areas; access to the mechanical shop is available to graduate students who have special needs and are qualified to use the equipment. Students must meet training requirements before using shop and lab facilities. Each student is assigned a mailbox, which should be checked daily.

The technical services of shop and laboratory personnel are available to assist with the construction of any equipment and/or with the analysis required for thesis research. The mechanical shop provides assistance for the construction or fabrication of physical equipment. The electrical shop offers comparable service for electrical and electronic devices. Photographic equipment and services are also available for research. Thechemical laboratory is available to assist in setting up or performing chemical analyses. Computer facilitiesare available in 1336 and 3026 Bainer Hall as well as at other locations.

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