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March 5, 2017

Our last blog looked at the

  • Residential bin collection - the City provides a weekly collection service for general waste (green bin) and a fortnightly collection service for recycled waste (yellow lid bin).
  • Green waste bin collection - we offer an optional service for the collection of green waste (lime green lid bin), which is serviced fortnightly on the alternate week to the yellow lid recycling bin.
  • Commercial waste management - includes kerbside commercial waste, commingled recycling and green waste collections, and landfill access for recycling or disposal of commercial and industrial waste.
  • Frequently asked questions

  • Today is my normal bin collection day but it's a public holiday. Will my bins still be collected?

    Yes, our waste and recycling trucks service your bins every day, even when your bin day is a public holiday. On public holidays however, the collection time may be earlier - please ensure your bins are placed kerbside the night before your collection day.

  • The waste truck did not service my bin today. Can I still get it collected?

    There are several reasons why a bin does not get collected. The main reasons are:

  • the bin was not put out in time
  • it is not your collection day
  • the bin was not able to be reached by the truck (cars parked in front or other obstructions)
  • the bin is overfull or contains materials that are not allowed
  • driver error
  • Whatever the reason, you can call us on 07 5667 5976 and report a missed service. You will be advised if the truck is still in your area and if there was an issue that needs to be fixed. Once any issues are resolved, we will arrange to pick up your missed bin as soon as possible.

  • I accidentally threw something valuable in the bin. What can I do?

    General green waste bin - unfortunately there is nothing that can be done, you are unable to enter the landfill site.

  • Can I organise for my bins to have number stickers that match my street number?

    Yes. Contact Waste Management 07 5667 5976 and we can arrange to have them posted to you.

  • I have an assisted service and I am moving house. Can you change my service to my new address?

    Yes. Please contact Waste Management on 07 5667 5976 and we will arrange this for you. You do not need to complete a new assisted service form.

  • The park bin is overflowing. Can I get someone to clean it up?

  • I own a vacant block or I'm building. Can I get a wheelie bin service for my block?

    No. We do not provide collection services to a vacant block or during the construction of a house - someone must be living in the permanent dwelling on that block before we will deliver bins. You can however choose a local skip bin company who will provide you with a skip service during your construction.

  • Source: www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au

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