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January 5, 2012

Luykas Groundhog s Columbia

OSU ASC Student

Undergraduate Program

The Atmospheric and Climatic Studies Program at The Ohio State University was established in 1971. Students in the undergraduate program complete a rigorous curriculum that prepares them for work with the National Weather Service, commercial weather companies, graduate-level research, or a variety of other careers related to meteorology and climatology. Upon graduation, students will have completed courses in physics, calculus, remote sensing, boundary layer meteorology, thermodynamics, synoptic forecasting, and severe weather forecasting.

Graduate Program

Unlike the undergraduate program, the Atmospheric Science Program at the graduate level is separate from the Geography Program and involves a separate application process with an independent graduate studies committee and curriculum.

For the Master of Science degree, all students will be required to complete courses in atmospheric thermodynamics, dynamics and radiation. These have prerequisites of courses in ordinary and partial differential equations and basic science sequences in physics and chemistry. However, the degree program is flexible and students may thereafter select from a variety of subfields for specialization in the atmospheric sciences and related areas.OSU ASC Student These include topics such as the dynamics of atmospheric systems (general circulation, hurricanes and tornadoes), urban and boundary layer meteorology, synoptic meteorology and climatic change. Students should choose a course of study in consultation with their adviser. It is expected that this course of study will fulfill all of the requirements listed in the Graduate School Handbook for the Master of Science degree.

We invite you to learn about these programs and our expert faculty who lead them to gain greater insight into Geography at Ohio State. For comprehensive information about the Atmospheric Science Masters and Doctorate program, admission requirements, financial assistance, and non-degree studies, and the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), please access the current Atmospheric and Climatic Studies graduate manual.

Atmosphere, Weather and Climate (PHSC101 - JOU12)
Atmosphere, Weather and Climate (PHSC101 - JOU12)
Atmosphere and Weather
Atmosphere and Weather
Atmosphere and Weather - Weather
Atmosphere and Weather - Weather

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