Coquitlam Garbage Schedule

November 2, 2016



Join the hundreds of Port Coquitlam residents who have already accessed the FREE PoCo Waste-Line smartphone app, a one-stop resource for waste information.

Confused about which cart a Ziploc bag goes into or where to put styrofoam? The new Sort it Right tool makes it easier for residents to put their waste in the right place. The searchable Sort It Right database will provide you with information on how to properly handle and dispose of more than 1, 500 commonly used household items.

Click on My Schedule and enter your home address to find out when is your pick up, or click on Sort It Right and enter an item to see how to recycle or safely dispose of it.

Download the app for FREE today through the iTunes App store or through Google Play.

More about PoCo Waste-Line:

The app is a great new online tool that uses technology that people are already using โ€“ smartphones โ€“ to help residents connect to City services.
Use the app to:
  • Import a personalized collection schedule into their online calendar,
  • View and print their personalized schedule,
  • Sign up for personalized collection reminders,
  • Use the Sort it Right waste wizard to know what goes where
  • Stay up to date about any changes to the collection schedule or service,
  • Report a problem with any city service (e.g. a missed pickup, a pothole or a malfunctioning streetlight),

Are You Watching Your Waste-Line?

PoCo Waste-Line also helps residents watch their waste-line, by providing tips on how to sort garbage, green waste and recycling properly. The City promotes proper waste sorting to not only send less to the landfill, but avoid costly fines that are ultimately paid by taxpayers.

Learn how to watch your waste-line.


Tel 604.927.5496 or 604.927.5488

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