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January 20, 2016

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Iowa State built the nation’s first agricultural engineering program in the 20th century. Now, in the 21st century, we continue to extend the frontiers of knowledge through a strong graduate program in areas of agricultural and biological systems engineering. Join our internationally-renowned faculty in fundamental and applied research in the following areas:

  • Advanced Machinery Engineering and Manufacturing Systems
  • Animal Production Systems Engineering
  • Biological and Process Engineering and Technology
  • Land and Water Resources Engineering
  • Occupational Safety Engineering
  • Program of Study

    We offer master of science, master of engineering, and PhD degrees in agricultural and biosystems engineering.


    We have several research labs in each of our buildings, including the following:

    Get Paid to Learn

    Scholarships and fellowships are also available.

    Identifying Faculty

    To help ensure the success of our graduate students, the agricultural and biosystems engineering graduate program generally does not offer admission unless funding to support your research is available or anticipated.

    You are urged to contact faculty members who conduct research in your anticipated area of specialization to discuss the potential for project funding before you submit your application to the Graduate College.

    Identify faculty members in agricultural and biosystems engineering with research interests similar to yours.

    Once you have identified one or more potential faculty members to contact, send each a brief (1-page maximum) email message with the following summary information:

  • paragraph indicating your specific area of interest and your reason for selecting this area
  • summary of your academic degrees, institution granting the degrees, dates of graduation, grade point average for each degree, and GRE scores (if degrees are not from a U.S. institution), TOEFL scores (if your native language is not English)
  • semester and year when you plan to begin your studies
  • whether you need an assistantship have personal funding to support you during your study
  • Prerequisites

  • BS degree in engineering
  • Or BS degree, non engineering with:
  • 11 semester credits in math (through differential equations)
  • 16 credits in basic science
  • In addition, students admitted without a BS in engineering will be admitted in a provisional status category. Transition to full admission status requires approval of the student’s POS committee and the DOGE. Additional coursework may be required. (See ABE Graduate Handbook for additional details.)
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