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November 11, 2021

Admission Open in Lahore

Do you like to solve problems? Are you continuously thinking of better ways to accomplish a task? Does mathematics come easy to you? Do you like to understand how things are made? Are you interested in the environment? Would you like to help provide safe food for future generations? Are you interested in the biological sciences? Do you have an interest in agriculture? If so, you should consider the Agricultural Engineering (AE) major as you plan for college.

The future of agriculture depends on the next generation of problem solvers. Creative and skilled individuals, like you, can use their knowledge of agriculture and life sciences, along with the problem-solving skills of engineering, to create new systems and solutions for the 21st Century. Agriculture is changing faster than any time in history. That’s why, if you are interested in helping direct the future of agriculture, a degree in agricultural engineering is what you need.

Agricultural engineering is a very diverse engineering major. Students who consider this major typically don’t picture themselves just working behind a desk solving problems; they are people who like hands-on problem solving and design implementation. They like to work in teams to solve societal problems related to agriculture. Agricultural engineers solve problems related to agricultural equipment, water quality and water management, biological products, livestock facilities, food processing, and many other agricultural areas.

What kind of jobs can I get after college?

An AE degree is a valuable resource when it comes to starting your career. Agricultural engineers design and develop new processes, systems, and products. The job opportunities are plentiful and diverse.

Currently, the demand for AE’s is at an all time high. Leading agricultural firms, government services, and consulting agencies seek after graduates in AE. An AE degree will open doors around the world in large corporations and small businesses, including careers in water quality, food processing, environmental systems, structural design, erosion control, materials handling, agricultural power and equipment design and more.

Graduates in this well-respected program are employed for the purpose of

  • designing and managing food production systems
  • protecting surface and ground water quality
  • designing natural resource management systems
  • developing and managing bioprocessing systems
  • designing off-road vehicles and agricultural equipment
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