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December 16, 2019

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Perspectives for graduated students in Biosystems Engineering

More than 75% of the young graduates finds a job that directly connects to the study programme. The others find other jobs that most times require an academic engineering background. Most students find a job directly after graduating and varies the past years between 50 and 80%, also depending on the economic situation. Many graduates start in a research function and move on to a management job. After five to ten years 20% has a management job and after more than ten years almost 40%.

Different types of jobs

The kind of first job graduates of the MSc Biosystems Engineering get shows the large variety. Important first jobs are:

A product engineer is the core of all a company's activities concerning a group of products. Compiling product specifications, troubleshooting of installations, advice and consultation in the area of technical aspects and quality control, a product engineer controls it all. Our product engineers are for example working for companies that produce agricultural machinery or building stables and/or greenhouses.

Engineers product development work, for example, for companies that design agricultural machinery or greenhouse system. They are concerned with the development, the sale and the improvement of the company's products. Their work consists of making plans for new products, drawing up sales prognoses, maintaining contact with commercial bureaus, researching consumer behaviour and introducing a product on the market. A product developer knows how to operate individually, but can also work as part of a team.

The quality of fresh produce depends for a large part on good logistics. Currently, product chain management and its positive effect on product quality get more attention than ever. Chain management is unthinkable without the right ICT-systems. A logistics engineer draws up all the aspects of a logistic process. That involves many activities like acquisition, production planning and negotiation. For the design and constuction of a logistic supply chain the engineer has to maintain relations with internal and external parties. He keeps an overview on the entire chain from primary production to retail.

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