Agricultural Engineering Jobs in USA

September 23, 2013

Engineers Age 55

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Agricultural Engineering Career Overview

When the knowledge of engineering and biological science is applied to agriculture, it is called agricultural engineering. Agricultural engineer are responsible for designing agricultural tools and equipment as well as machinery and plants. These engineers can either specialize in designing power and machine systems (for environmental or agricultural purposes) or be involved in food and bioprocess. Soil and water conservation as well as agricultural processing are some of their concerns. Agricultural engineers may work in R&D operation or sales or management.

In the year 2002, around one-third of all agricultural engineers (totally 2900 in number) were employed in professional, scientific and technical services and provided consultancy services to agricultural workers and farming and agro industries. The rest of them were employed in other agriculture –related industries like crop and livestock as well as manufacturing and government concerns.

Job and Employment Opportunities Agricultural Engineers

Demand for agricultural engineers is supposed to multiply almost as quickly as the demand for all other occupation in the period from 2002-2012. The global trend toward standardization of all agricultural products and equipment will lead to greater demand for agricultural engineers. The increasing demand for agro-products, the efforts toward attaining greater efficiency in the agricultural industry and the emphasis of conservation of scare resources would result in higher job opportunities in this sector. Also, additional jobs will be created by agricultural engineers who leave the profession due to retirement and transfers.

Historical Earnings Information

The median earnings of agricultural engineering professional was $50, 700 annually, in the year 2002. the middle fifty percent got salaries between $40, 320 and $70, 100 and the lowest 10 percent earned below$35, 590. The highest 10 percent got salaries of more $87, 220.

A 2003 salary survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers projected that agricultural engineers with a bachelor’s degree received salaries averaging $42, 987 annually, and those with a master’s degree received $54, 000 on an average.

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