Four strokes of engine

March 12, 2017

Four Strokes Of Engine

You’re here to wake up the water. Count on Yamaha’s reliable In-Line four strokes to power the fun. Our in-line four-cylinder designs and electronic fuel injection make these babies strong, nimble, compact and light weight. In other words, they’re up for anything, making them the perfect power for cruising, skiing and sport fishing on flats, decks and offshore boats, and pontoons or deep-V hulls. We’ve even freshened up the best-selling 150-horsepower four-stroke outboard by refining the cowling drainage and adding a tough 8-tooth “dog clutch” to make this dependable workhouse even more reliable.

See Yamaha’s versatile In-Line Four outboards in action.

Get great power from a compact four-stroke engine, with the new In-Line F200.

Incredible versatility. That’s why there are more than 100, 000 Yamaha In-Line Fours on the water today—and that’s just counting the F150s. Now, the family includes the same reliable DNA in its F200, F175 and F115 horsepowers.

The new F200’s progressive engineering packs a lot of power into an incredibly compact, lightweight design. One that’s nearly as light as any 200-hp two-stroke outboard on the water. It’s awe-inspiring, and it’s already winning awards, including a 2013 IBEX® Innovation Award.

The new F115 drafts closely behind F200, offering incredible power and repower flexibility. It’s also the lightest 115hp four stroke on the water today.

Lightweight power is one of the many reasons In-Line Fours are bestsellers. They also offer:

Amazing Acceleration
Variable camshaft timing and four tuned intake tracks increase low-and mid-range torque, boosting acceleration on the F200.

16-valve direct drive DOHC maximizes power by using four valves per cylinder, eliminating rocker arms and their adjustments and increasing air supply and volumetric efficiency for better performance on the F200, F175, F150 and F115.

Exceptional Performance
Our In-Line Four family features electronic fuel injection controlled by the Engine Control Module. It continually adjusts the fuel/air mix to properly match engine load and speed.

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