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May 10, 2017

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Meteorologists study weather systems and climates, analyzing their impact on human activity and the planet as a whole. You can find meteorology jobs in academia, weather laboratories, government agencies, weather stations, and private businesses. The duties of meteorology positions typically include:

  • Measuring temperature, dew point, humidity, pressure, wind speeds, and other atmospheric properties
  • Analyzing meteorological data with computer programs and modeling systems
  • Forecasting weather based on mathematical models, computers, and satellite and radar data
  • Reporting the weather
  • Giving warnings upon detecting severe weather patterns so people can take shelter or evacuate as necessary

Related occupations include geoscientist jobs and atmospheric and space scientist jobs.

Meteorology Job Education Requirements

The education requirements for most meteorology jobs are extensive. Most positions require at least a bachelor's degree in meteorology, geoscience, or a related field. Undergraduate programs typically include coursework in physics, mathematics, and computer programming. Those who wish to pursue meteorology careers in a certain field should also complete courses in that specialty, such as courses in journalism and communications for those interested in broadcast meteorology.

Many meteorologists, especially those in research positions, also hold a master's degree or doctoral degree in the field. Meteorology professionals who work for the National Weather Service will complete 200 hours of on-the-job training in their first two years of employment as well.

Meteorology Job Market

Weather forecasting has become increasingly automated, which is one of the reasons why the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects employment in the atmospheric sciences to experience average growth in coming years. Further, the BLS expects the number of meteorology graduates to exceed the number of openings in the field. Job seekers with advanced degrees will likely face better job prospects than those with undergraduate degrees.

Broadcast Meteorology 2012
Broadcast Meteorology 2012
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Meteorologist (Broadcast)

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