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October 28, 2017

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This option provides students with a strong background in dynamics, synoptic meteorology and weather forecasting, and provides the coursework required for entry into the National Weather Service, military forecasting careers and graduate school in the atmospheric sciences.

Meteorology Option Coursework (42-45 credits total)

Courses listed below are required to complete a BS in Atmospheric Sciences in the Meteorology Track and are in addition to Atmos Sci core coursework and UW College of Environment general education requirements.

Optional recommended courses are listed at the bottom of this list.

Advanced Math (Required; 9-12 credits total)
These courses (or their equivalent) should be completed as soon as possible as they are pre-requisites for upper-division ATM S coursework. All of these courses have their own pre-requisites.

NOTE: Students only need to complete one of the sequences listed below - the Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences recommends completion of the first sequence listed.

AMATH 351 Introduction to Differential Equations and Applications (3cr)
AMATH 353 Fourier Analysis and Partial Differential Equations (3cr)
MATH 324 Advanced Multivariable Calculus I (3cr)


MATH 307 Introduction to Differential Equations (3cr)
MATH 308 Matrix Algebra with Applications (3cr)
MATH 309 Linear Analysis (3cr)
MATH 324 Advanced Multivariable Calculus I (3cr)

Atmos Sci Courses (Required; 22 credits total)
These courses must be completed in the order listed below - all courses have pre-requisites.

ATM S 358 Atmospheric Chemistry (3cr, Aut)
ATM S 441 Atmospheric Motions I (3cr, Aut)
ATM S 442 Atmospheric Motions II (5cr, Win)
ATM S 451 Instruments and Observations (5cr, Win)
ATM S 444 Design and Application of Ensemble Prediction Systems (4cr, Spr)
ATM S 452 Weather Forecasting and Advanced Synoptic Meteorology (5cr, Spr)

Computing (Required; 8 credits total)

CSE 142 Computer Programming I (4cr)
AMATH 301 Beginning Scientific Computing (4cr)

Recommended Additional Coursework (Optional)

ATM S 380 Weather and Climate Prediction (3cr, Win)
ATM S 490 Current Weather Analysis (1cr, repeatable up to six times)

Degree Plans

Most Atmospheric Sciences majors take their major courses during the junior and senior years, although it is certainly possible to begin the major course work as a sophomore if the prerequisites are met. Core courses are offered only once per year, with the first course beginning in Autumn Quarter. It is crucial that ATM S courses are taken in the recommended sequence.

Below are two suggested degree plans for students interested in the Meteorology Track - the first is a four-year plan, designed for freshmen. The second is a two-year plan designed for transfer students and UW students who decide to major in Atmos Sci in their sophomore or junior year.

Plans do not include UW general education requirements and may vary, depending on the individual. Please note that non-ATM S courses are subject to the home departments' scheduling discretion and may not be offered as listed in degree plans. It may also be possible to complete some non-ATM S courses prior to the quarter(s) listed in the degree plans below, depending on pre-requisites and quarters offered. To discuss this plan, contact the Student Services Coordinator.


Recommended for freshmen interested in majoring in Atmospheric Sciences. This plan is also appropriate for students on track to complete the MATH and PHYS sequences by autumn quarter of their sophomore year.

Autumn Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
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