Alachua County Waste Management

December 2, 2014

Clean Energy

The Alachua County Comprehensive Plan includes 15 elements as outlined below:

A large part of the Comprehensive Plan’s focus is on where the various buildings that meet our daily needs will be located and designed. This Element contains a Future Land Use Map for the unincorporated part of the County that directs most new development to occur in the Urban Cluster surrounding the City of Gainesville.

This is the area where key facilities to serve urban development can best be provided, either by private development or through the County’s Capital Improvements Program.

The Plan promotes new development or redevelopment that makes efficient use of land in the Urban Cluster to maximize use of the existing facilities, protect natural areas, and promote agriculture in rural lands.

Compact, higher density development (more residential units per acre) with a mix of residential and nonresidential uses provide many quality of life benefits:

  • Efficient use of land
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Public transit becomes more feasible
  • Health benefits of walking
  • Easy access to parks and recreation
  • Areas for community gatherings & events

Within the Urban Cluster, areas designated as Activity Centers (eg. Jonesville, Eastside) provide for major commercial, office and other uses within a mixed use, pedestrian friendly setting. The plan promotes compact well designed residential and nonresidential uses within ‘Transit-Oriented’ or ‘Traditional Neighborhood’ Developments within the Urban Cluster for convenient access from home to work, shopping, and recreation, often without an automobile.

Plan policies also provide for the location of various Industrial uses.

The Rural/Agriculture area outside the Urban Cluster promotes agricultural activities & provides for lower density residential areas; a combination of requirements & incentives encourage Clustered developments for new subdivisions.

There are also Rural Clusters (eg. Windsor, Melrose) that are historical settlement areas. Infill of these areas with residential development & limited commercial uses is encouraged.

Clustered Development

Clustered developments, with open space for conservation or agricultural uses, improves accessibility while reducing development costs.

Agriculture: Minnesota Livestock Farmers, Beef Production
Agriculture: Minnesota Livestock Farmers, Beef Production
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Restructuring Economy-Agriculture,Water,Livestock,Human ...
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Agriculture: Minnesota Livestock Farmers, Turkey ...

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