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October 12, 2016

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The lodging industry in America, with over 3, 936, 000 guest rooms, produces approximately 13, 600, 000 tons of garbage every year. Hoteliers have many opportunities to reduce waste by utilizing to establish waste prevention and recycling programs and by purchasing recycled products using a retail waste management program. Besides reducing waste and saving money, these actions can increase employee morale and customer satisfaction as well as lower dumpster costs and create strong relationships with the managed haulers. When it comes to waste disposal and waste management, those in the hospitality industry experience a unique set of challenging needs.

Lincoln Waste Solutions works with managed haulers to conduct a complete waste audit to calculate your waste spend. The key to Lincoln Waste's success is in the 10% guaranteed minimum savings that we offer to the hospitality industry and we'll put that in writing. Whatever your waste spend was last year...we guarantee you we will bill you at least ten percent less this year. We help by right-sizing you. Many companies are reevaluating their waste management pickups and dumpster placements and dumpster rentals and roll-off usage in order to eliminate unnecessary bottom line overruns that could be costing them- and the environment.

A safe, efficient waste management system is a crucial aspect of any hospitality business

It is important, in the hospitality waste management environment, that your business comes across as a professional and clean environment to all of your patrons. Furthermore, due to the increasing safety requirements of the industry, it is extremely important that your waste disposal equipment, including dumpsters and roll-offs, be easy to operate and maintain all while meeting the required safety regulations. Be it a nationwide hotel chain, or an individual motel, a safe, efficient waste management system is a crucial aspect of any hospitality business.

Although waste is clearly a big issue for hoteliers, examples of good waste management practice can be found across the hospitality industry. They range from environmentally enlightened individuals at small establishments 'doing their bit', to well orchestrated systems within international groups. What many of them share is the knowledge that landfill capacity around the world is diminishing as rapidly as the costs are escalating, that incineration is not always an option, and that waste legislation is becoming increasingly tough.

To take on these issues it is important to utilize waste brokers, trash brokers, managed haulers, and waste outsourcing services to maximize your trash and waste spend. In addition, many items that are thrown away can have an afterlife when reused or recycled into something else. Lincoln Waste Solutions is adept at finding solutions to your waste problems, and can provide you not only the exemplary service you seek but will share the profits with you.

With over 400 clients in the hospitality industry, we specialize in providing recycling and waste solutions to insure waste optimization for hotels and restaurants of any size and we have a waste focus designed to optimize your waste needs and your waste spend. We offer several retail waste management solutions that can operate inside or outside depending on individual needs and building configuration. We believe:

  • Management should adopt an environmental policy to reflect how the company sees itself in relation to the environment, neighbors, and the people it employs and serves. Chains with multiple locations may want to encourage each hotel to evaluate and establish its own program. The experience at Lincoln Waste is that recycling is cool and guests are more like to return to a hotel that is green.
  • For your program to be successful, we will designate an account manager who will be your single source of contact. You never need call a hauler again. All your locations and haulers and dumpsters and roll-offs will be managed through your account manager whose main focus is to make sure we are both saving as much money as possible.
  • We will conduct a waste evaluation as well as a waste audit to identify waste prevention ideas and estimate the amount of recyclable materials generated at your hotel. We are so sure of our shared savings program that we will guarantee to you, in writing, that we will save you at least 10% off of your last year's waste spend.

Lincoln Waste works in partnership to deliver recycling, composting and waste improvements to the hospitality sector. We undertake site audits and assist businesses to reduce recycling and waste costs. We also work in partnership with trash haulers and trash brokers to implement practical solutions to lower our client's carbon footprint.

Lincoln Waste Solutions will help you establish a system to evaluate waste hauling costs, track disposal and evaluate materials for recycling. As the evaluation takes place, after the waste audit, goals can be set. We will start the waste audit to identify the types and quantities of recycling materials and in the audit, we will figure the size of containers, dumpsters, roll-offs and equipment needed to collect and store recyclable material.

Source: www.lincolnwaste.com
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