Waste Management Indianapolis

December 20, 2019

Indianapolis Airport Authority

Contact your community with questions about curbside or drop-off recycling, yard waste, household hazardous waste, and other environmental services.

Solid Waste Management Districts (SWMDs) are your local authority on recycling, yard waste, and household hazardous waste.

In 1990, SWMDs were formed as a new local government entity to manage solid waste in Indiana. Today there are 61 single-county districts and 8 multi-county districts in Indiana. These districts exist to proactively reduce the amount of waste going to final disposal (landfills and incinerators) through education, source reduction, reuse, and recycling. Every district operates in a slightly different manner, but all are: supervised by boards of locally elected officials, managed by professional staff, and work toward a common goal of reducing solid waste disposed of by residents and businesses in Indiana.

Information about Recycling & Recycling Locations

EcoPoint: Search for recycling options available in Indiana. Site provided by the Indiana Recycling Coalition. Earth 911: Search for recycling locations in Indiana and nation-wide. SustainIndy: Information about recycling and reuse options in Indianapolis.
Source: www.in.gov

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