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June 24, 2021

Waste Management Eyes Landfill

By state law, yard waste - such as grass clippings, leaves and tree branches, may not be put in the trash. There are four ways to dispose of these materials. Properly labeled invasive plant species may be placed at the curb.

Mulching, Composting, Chipping, Burning.
Yard waste may be managed at home by mulching, composting, chipping and/or burning. For burning requirements please call 262-532-8899. Burning is only allowed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Home composting information is available at the Menomonee Falls Public Library or at Recycle More Wisconsin.

Yard Waste Disposal Permit
Using a Yard Waste Disposal Permit issued by the Village, residents may dispose of up to one cubic yard of yard waste 35 times in a season (April through November) at the Orchard Ridge Recycling & Disposal Facility for no fee. Orchard Ridge is located at W124N9355 Boundary Rd (262)-253-8620.

  • The attendant at Orchard Ridge will punch one square each time you drop off approximately one cubic yard of yard waste.
  • After 35 punches you will then be required to pay 1-1/2 cents per pound ($3.00 minimum).
  • Permits are valid for one year and may be obtained in early April from the reception desk at the Municipal Building. Call (262)-532-4200 for availability date as it changes each year.
  • There is no fee for this permit.
  • If you were issued a Yard Waste Permit in the previous year, a new permit will be automatically mailed to you for the current year.
To obtain a Yard Waste Permit, stop in at the Village Hall 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, to add your name to the mailing list. An ID as a proof of residency is required. Every year thereafter, a yard waste permit is mailed automatically.

Drop Off
Any resident, with or without a Yard Waste Permit, may drop off yard waste at the Orchard Ridge Composting Facility. A valid driver’s license with your current Menomonee Falls address is required for proof of residency. Residents without a Yard Waste Permit will be charged 1-1/2 cents ($0.015) per pound with a minimum fee of three dollars ($3.00) per load. These charges also apply outside of the Yard Waste Permit after the effective dates of the first Sunday in December to the first Friday in April.

Everyone must check in at the scale house before dumping - absolutely no drive-bys.

All yard waste disposed of under this permit must be generated from your own property in Menomonee Falls. Under the terms of the Yard Waste Permit, residents are required to bring in their own yard waste. The driver’s license will be compared to the permit for verification. If a contractor is hired to dispose of your yard waste, they will not be allowed to use your Yard Waste Permit. Waste Management will require all contractors to pay the yard waste business fee. Questions? Call 262-509-5628.
Subscription Service
Waste Management offers subscription yard waste collection service for a seasonal fee. For more information and rates on subscription service, call (888) 960-0008.

Source: www.menomonee-falls.org

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