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February 15, 2022

Waste Management of Southern

Automated service utilizes a truck equipped with a mechanical arm that lifts your trash and recycling containers from the street and empties the containers' contents into the truck - without the driver ever leaving the cab. This type of service is successfully used in more than 2, 800 communities in the United States.

Automated trash service offers many benefits.

It provides greater flexibility to our customers. You may select the size of trash and recycling containers that best fit your needs, whether 32 gallons, 64 gallons or 96 gallons. Separate containers are utilized for trash, mixed recyclables and greenwaste.

It is also more convenient. You can also fill your containers without having to worry about how heavy the contents are - simply wheel the containers to the curb on your service day and the truck's mechanical arm will do the rest.

The automated containers are more durable, and reduce the likelihood of tipping or spilling. Because they are uniform in appearance, they also help neighborhoods look neater and cleaner.

Utilizing an automated system also allows us to offer greenwaste collection in most service areas, dedicating one container for weekly greenwaste recycling.

In this Section

For more information on our services please contact Customer Service at (714) 558-7761, (949) 642-1191 or (562) 694-3730.

What Goes In Your Carts?

Trash Cart (Blue Lid)

Disposable diapers
Pet-soiled paper
Pet waste
Soiled/greasy paper plates or pizza boxes
Waxed and coated paper
Clothing (donate if possible)
Foam padding

Drinking glasses, dishware
Window glass
Auto glass
Rubber/latex items
Polystyrene foam
Palm fronds, Bird of Paradise
Plastic items missing (#1 – 7)

Mixed Recyclables Cart (Gray Lid)

Please rinse food residue from containers and flatten cardboard boxes. All recyclables may be placed in the recycling cart together. Please set out your recycling cart only when it is full, and ensure the cart lid is able to be completely closed.

Paper / Cardboard

  • Newspapers, magazines
  • Mixed paper (printer, color, all types accepted)
  • Telephone books, directories, magazines
  • Bulk/junk mail, envelopes, catalogs
  • File folders
  • Cardboard boxes (please flatten)
  • Soft bound books, hard bound books (inside only, no cover)
  • Paper board - cereal boxes, tissue boxes, shoe boxes, egg cartons, beverage boxes, dry food boxes
  • Food and Beverage Cartons
  • Paper towels (must be clean and dry)
  • Frozen dinner boxes and other frozen food boxes
  • Empty paper towel and toilet tissue rolls
  • Shredded paper (must bag before placing in cart)
  • Pizza boxes (no food residue)


  • Plastic beverage containers - soda, water, juice
  • Plastic containers (#1-7) such as laundry detergent, ketchup, mustard, hair product bottles
  • Plastic bags - grocery, dry cleaning, newspaper and other film bags (bundle inside a plastic bag, tie and place in the cart)
  • Plastic buckets (#1-7)
  • Plastic tubs (#1-7)
  • Plastic toys (#1-7)


  • Hangers
  • Aluminum cans
  • Tin cans - soup, tuna, vegetable juice, coffee
  • Empty aerosol cans (must be completely empty)
  • Pie tins
  • Paint cans (must be empty and completely dried out)


  • Food jars - sauce, mayo, pickles (no residue)
  • Beverage glass bottles - wine, beer, liquor, juice

Greenwaste Cart (Green Lid)

DO NOT place greenwaste in plastic bags.

  • Lawn clippings
  • Leaves and weeds
  • Tree branches and shrubs
  • Garden trimmings
  • Sawdust, wood chips and small wood scraps
  • Christmas trees (cut up)

DO NOT place the items listed below in your greenwaste cart - put these items in the TRASH cart!

  • Pet waste
  • Palm fronds
  • Soil (very small amounts)
  • Dirt (very small amounts)

Note: Additional trash, recycling and greenwaste carts are available. Cart size can also be changed. Greenwaste service may not be available in all areas, and participation is elective. Contact customer service at (714) 558-7761, (949) 642-1191 or (562) 694-3730 for more information.

Cart Service Reminders:

  • Place all waste in the appropriate container and close the lid. Do no overfill the cart!
  • In the City of Irvine, bags placed outside of your trash or recyclable carts will be collected on an occasional basis.
  • Roll carts into the street and place them against the curb, handles facing your home. Place carts at least two feet apart from other carts and objects - it is recommended that you park cars at least six feet from the carts on collection day.

Bulky Item Collection

For items that are too large to fit into the trash cart, residents may request the free pick up of household bulky goods three times per year. We will retrieve up to four large items such as furniture, appliances or up to 20 plastic bags of refuse or bundles of yard waste (less than 50 pounds each) for each request. Advance notice is required. To schedule a free bulky goods pick up, please contact Waste Management at (714) 558-7761, (949) 642-1191 or (562) 694-3730. Additional pick ups are available for a nominal fee.

Source: www.wm.com
Ware Disposal Co. Inc. | Southern California Waste Recycling
Ware Disposal Co. Inc. | Southern California Waste Recycling
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