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August 2, 2023

Bremerton s unpaid garbage

Composting your yard and food waste helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve soil quality, reduce the need for chemicals and fertilizers and save water.

Collection Schedule:

Yard / food waste is collected every other week on recycling days. Food scraps and food-soiled paper go only in the Food/Yard cart provided by Waste Management. Food scraps are not accepted in any other containers.

Food Scraps Accepted in Yard Carts:

Collect kitchen food scraps in containers such as:

  • Paper bags
  • Approved compostable bags
  • A reusable container lined with used paper towel or shredded paper. Empty into Food / Yard cart and reuse.
  • Do not put plastic in your cart.
Yard Trimmings Prohibited in Garbage

Yard trimmings are prohibited from garbage containers. Yard trimmings create extra landfill expense, but can provide nutritious compost and mulch if composted.

Options for Disposing of Yard Trimmings:

Compost in your yard (most energy efficient choice!)
Put yard trimmings in a yard cart to be collected at the curb
- (Sign up for food / yard collection.)
Take yard trimmings to a transfer station that accepts "clean green".

Extra Yard Trimmings

There is a charge for additional units of yard trimmings (no food scraps) beyond the basic service.

For yard trimmings that don't fit in your yard cart you may use:

  • Paper yard bags (available at home and garden stores), or
  • 32-gal cans with handles & lids (65 lb limit) labeled "Yard" or
  • Bundles tied with sisal twine (4'x2' limit)

* Yard trimmings are not accepted in plastic bags.

Plastic bags are not compostable and cause processing and odor problems at the composting facility.

Source: wmnorthwest.com

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