What are internal combustion Engines?

June 9, 2017

Internal-Combustion Engine

What’s the first thing you think of when it comes to getting your car from Point A to Point B? Many different systems come into play getting your car down the road, but the heart of most cars and trucks is the internal-combustion engine.

Gasoline engines — by far the most common on the road today — come in fuel-injected or carbureted versions. Many cars began using fuel injection in the 1970s, and most manufacturers picked up on the technology in full-force by the mid-1980s. Fuel injectors, through electronic inputs, control the mix of air and gasoline sprayed into the cylinder.

Most older cars use carburetors to create the air and gasoline mix. Both methods shoot air and gasoline into the cylinder, where the spark plug — or plugs — starts a series of explosions that drive the pistons, which then turn the crank, which then spin the rest of drive line.

Diesel engines are a little different. Diesel is sprayed into the cylinder, where compression — not spark plugs — is used to ignite the fuel. The engines were often more fuel-efficient than their gasoline counterparts, and improvements in emissions control pushed the technology to the mainstream. Since 1970, diesel engines have become a more common in many cars and trucks.

Ferrari V8 engine

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What if you’re just looking to rebuild the block you already have? You can find complete kits for that 258-ci Jeep I6 sitting in your back yard to head gaskets for the Porsche 944 under the cover in your garage.

The odd and obscure can be sourced here as well. Need intake valves for your Renault Caravelle? Look what I found here. Or, for the four or five of you looking, there is even an oil pump for the 410 V8 in your Edsel Corsair.

Maybe everything is fine on your car, but you just want more performance. Say, in the form of a Holley Dominator carb or sealed air intake for your CR-Z? Done. It’s all here.

Now, the key to a long-lasting engine is preventative maintenance. The most important of which is changing the engine’s oil. While the recommended specifics vary from model, the general rule of thumb is three months or 4, 000 miles between changes. And guess what? You can find filters too. You can stock up in bulk and save even more. Go on and take a look through the new and vintage sections on eBay Motors Parts and Accessories to find what you need to keep your engine revving.

Source: www.ebay.com
operation Internal Combustion Engine
operation Internal Combustion Engine
Haynes internal Combustion engine
Haynes internal Combustion engine
Internal combustion engine with Josh W
Internal combustion engine with Josh W

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