Combustion pressure

November 19, 2013

Cylinder Pressure

Overview over all AVL indicating pressure sensors

The complex combustion processes inside combustion engines are required to measure the gas and fluid pressures at many different positions and physical conditions. AVL offers several different pressure sensors for every specific task.

The following table is a short overview of the complete pressure sensor portfolio from AVL. Detailed technical information can be found in the "Download" tab-section and in the sensor catalog.

Please note, AVL introduced the PH08 flame arrestors as the successor of PH03 flame arrestors. AVL stopped selling PH03 and its compatible sensors. Documentation which promotes PH03 and its related products can be seen as outdated and will be corrected soon.






These sensors
measure the pressure
inside the combustion
chamber. Installation
can be done either via
spark-plug and glow-
plug adaptors or via an
separate indicating
bore inside the cylinder
Beside the wide variety
of different sensors of
the portfolio we offer on
demand custom
tailored solutions for
spark-plugs and glow-
plugs as well.

R&D, especially:

  • for all common fuels
  • racing
  • on-board
  • supercharged engines
  • large engines
  • GH14D
  • GH14DK
  • GH15D
  • GH15DK
  • GH15DKC3
  • GR14D
  • GH11C
  • GH13P
  • GH14P
  • GH13Z-24
  • GH13Z-31
  • GU21D
  • GU22C
  • GU22CK
  • GU22CKA
  • GG22C
  • GU24D
  • GU24DF
  • GH13G
  • ZI21
  • ZI31
  • ZI33
  • ZI45
  • GC24D
  • QC34C
  • QC34D
  • QC43D
  • customized solutions on request


For pressure measurement in the intake and exhaust pipes of combustion engines. The piezoelectric sensor allows much higher accuracy than common peizoresistive solutions.

  • gas exchange analysis
  • supercharged GDI
  • turbocharged engines
  • GU21C and AE02
  • LP11DA
  • LP21DA
  • customized
    solutions on request


Measures the fluid pressure in injection lines or can be used the measure the pressure in hydraulic lines as well. Available for all pressure classes up to 4, 000 bar.

  • gasoline injection
  • diesel injection
  • hydraulic systems


These sensors can be used in long-term and permanent installation for non-stop engine monitoring. Their strength is the fusion of robustness and measurement stability.

  • non-stop monitoring
  • R&D
  • Endurance testing
  • On-board measurement
  • GO31D
  • GO31DA
  • GO31DI
  • GO41D
  • GO41DA
Combustion Motor vibration, stops when minor pressure applied.
Combustion Motor vibration, stops when minor pressure applied.
Sealed Combustion Furnace Air Pressures
Sealed Combustion Furnace Air Pressures
Negative air pressure, fresh air combustion pellet stoves
Negative air pressure, fresh air combustion pellet stoves

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