Four Cycles of an engine

February 7, 2017


Some of the matters discussed were the four-cycle engine, carburetion, transmission and differential, and the storage battery.

This is true with either one of two forms of four-cycle motors.

Gas-engines, of the four-cycle type, such as are industrially employed, will here be principally considered.

Thus it is plain that the motor is of the four-cycle type and it should not be confounded with two-cycle motors.

The average compression pressure of a two- or four-cycle engine of the ordinary type, is from 60 to 70 pounds per square inch.

At the top is shown the torque diagram of a single-cylinder motor of the four-cycle type.

The four-cycle engines have been so far subjected to much more rigid and authoritative tests than those of the two-cycle.

As to disadvantages:—In a four-cycle engine there is but one working stroke in four piston traverses.

It shows clearly all parts of a typical four-cylinder gasoline engine of the four-cycle type.

The greater number of engines used in automobiles to-day are of the kind known as the Otto cycle, or four-cycle, engine.

Diagnosis of Honda 4 Cycle WX45 Water Pump Engine
Diagnosis of Honda 4 Cycle WX45 Water Pump Engine
Viertaktmotor [Otto] - (four-cycle-engine) - Rueff
Viertaktmotor [Otto] - (four-cycle-engine) - Rueff
[Spine] Four-Cycle Engine - Spine Engine1
[Spine] Four-Cycle Engine - Spine Engine1

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