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August 9, 2017

Energy and Exergy Analysis and

A perfected and proven development process – from concept to start of production

We calibrate all control unit parameters influencing combustion – from the advance development stage to start of production. We carry out engine measurements on our transient test benches and on test drives. We use model-based processes to achieve the best possible overall result in spite of growing complexity and shorter development times. Engine performance is simulated with steady-state and dynamic models, with the engine test bench being used for simulating vehicle performance.

Fuel consumption down five percent

Enhanced combustion processes and completely new approaches can improve the fuel economy of diesel engines – such as injection-rate shaping and optimized nozzle geometries. In the long term, homogeneous and partly homogeneous combustion processes as well as new fuels will be able to optimize the diesel engine. In our tests, we use single-cylinder and transparent engines as well as flexible injection systems. We have our own tools for analyzing the combustion process in real time and are working on new algorithms for managing the engine process.
We are also advancing exhaust gas recirculation and supercharging. We simulate and verify new concepts on the hot-gas test rig, on the full-engine test bench and also in vehicles. We anticipate it will be possible to reduce diesel engine consumption on the basis of improvements to the combustion process, engine control and air path.

Focus on different diesel qualities and alternative fuels

Using optimized calibration, our diesel specialists make sure that your engine meets the emission standards and your durability specifications despite the broad variety of fuels in differing qualities and compositions. We are also working on engine concepts for alternative fuels, such as CNG dual fuel, DME or diesel-ethanol blends. We watch the technological and policy-making trends, and our test rigs let us examine all alternative fuels for the effects they have on engine components.

Thermodynamics, Heat Engines, and Entropy
Thermodynamics, Heat Engines, and Entropy
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Thermodynamics (Physics) Lesson 4 Heat Engines
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