Farming of animals

November 16, 2020

Farming of animals can boost

Cover of The Trouble with Farming reportModern intensive farming exists to produce meat, eggs and dairy products as quickly and cheaply as possible. To keep production costs down the animals are given the bare minimum they need to survive. They are fattened in huge, dirty, cramped sheds and deprived of everything that makes life worth living. They can hardly stretch their wings or legs and will never be able to roam.

Most farmed animals are slaughtered at just a few weeks or months old. Apologists for the industry pretend that, because the animals are purpose-bred on a farm, it is OK to treat them cruelly and then kill and eat them.Order a free Guide to Going Veggie or Vegan Yet these animals are sentient creatures who feel pain and fear just like a cat, dog, or, indeed, human being.

Animal Aid campaigns for better animal welfare in order to lessen the suffering farmed animals endure. But, above all, we promote the adoption of an animal-free diet as the best single step anyone can take to stop cruelty to animals.

Key Reports and Briefings

Animal Aid continues to produce a range of revealing and thoroughly researched reports and Briefings on a wide range of animal farming topics. Among areas covered are: factory farming and human health, the truth about "higher welfare" products as well as the fishing industry.

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