Animated four stroke engine

May 19, 2015

Models of V2 engines

Interactive 3D realtime simulation with sound effects of DOHC (Double Over Head Camshaft) Four-
Stroke engine in operation. User can rotate and zoom the engine during animation to view desired
detail or part of it. In addition, user is able to continuously control the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)
or stop at any time. Another feature is Time-Scaling of animation for advanced viewing purposes.

Could use some work
by Bcmel9

The firing order is wrong but if u added different types of engines and different parts such as turbos and transmissions and so on then it would be great. Also you should make it more in depth like the journals of the crankshaft and lobes of the camshaft should be labeled also a green gas for fuel and air and grey for exhaust, I'm a master mechanic and used this to show my son how an engine works. Also 2 strokes, all of these things I have said should be in the same app and have different categories for each of them

by Kyloue

Its a great and interactive app. Needs maybe a 'full' version with maybe v6 v8 diesel etc. Very well done. Five stars.
Maybe make an app where you can interact and build engines and eventually turns into a car. I would actually laugh if you gave us an option to change models of cars or just plain design one.

by Joobeenini

This is a GREAT game and I highly suggest buying it if you want to learn about engines. It goes up to 5, 000 rpm to show you what they look like at faster/slower speeds. Although it is limited to only an in-line 4cyl. Possibly try to make a 2stroke engine or a v style engine. But this is a great game! So BUY IT❕❕❕❕

Animation Moteur 4 Temps / 4 stroke engine ( with all
Animation Moteur 4 Temps / 4 stroke engine ( with all ...
4 Stroke Engine Working Animation
4 Stroke Engine Working Animation
4 Stroke Engine Animation
4 Stroke Engine Animation

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