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July 17, 2010

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The Recycling Activity Report for a Recycler Facility has gone to on-line reporting! Anyone who is a recycler must now electronically report information.

Indiana E-Cycle Summary Report

The second report on the implementation of the Indiana E-Waste Law and summary results from the first four years of the Indiana E-Cycle program are now available on the Indiana E-Cycle Results page.

Education Curriculum Model & Education Guide

In accordance with SECTION 40. IC 13-20-17.5-6, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and the Association of Indiana Solid Waste Districts (AISWMD) have developed a science based curriculum model and corresponding environmental education programs that correlate to Indiana standards. This program guide is for the utilization of Solid Waste educators across the state.

Sustain Indy Tox Drop

A new schedule for the Sustain Indy ToxDrop program has been announced: Residents of Marion County can now drop off their household hazardous waste one of the first three Saturdays of each month at four Indianapolis locations. More information and details on what items are accepted is available on the ToxDrop website.

What Can Be Recycled: Plastic Film

The Plastic Film Recycling Organization provides signage indicating which types of plastic film may be recycled and which can not. Additionally, it is instructed that only clean, dry plastic film may be recycled.

Drug Enforcement Administration Rule Change

In December 2014, the Drug Enforcement Administration finalized rules and regulations to the Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 2010. In order to become authorized to collect unwanted medicine, registration with the DEA is required. To become an authorized registrant, you can submit a modification request in writing to the U.S. DEA or you can submit a request online. The request must contain:

  • Registrant’s name, address, and DEA number
  • Source:
    Paving the Road to Zero Waste at Toyota’s Indiana Plant
    Paving the Road to Zero Waste at Toyota’s Indiana Plant
    Indiana Demon House Purchased For $35, A Waste Of Money
    Indiana Demon House Purchased For $35,000 A Waste Of Money

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