Agricultural Engineering firms

June 11, 2017

And Victorian Agricultural

Students who specialize in agricultural engineering combine fundamental engineering principles (solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer system, dynamics, instrumentation, and engineering economics) with the engineering design of machines, structures, and water management systems.

Soil and Water

Student who focus on soil and water study drainage, irrigation, surface water and watertable control, agricultural constructed wetlands, effective and efficient water use, water quality, pollution abatement, and the enhancement of the environment. You will also learn about soil-water-plant relationships, and water quality and quantity in crop and livestock systems. Students who focus in this area are hired by municipalities, construction companies, petroleum and chemical companies, agricultural consulting firms, and government agencies.

Structures and Facilities

Students interested in the design and development of structures and related equipment for plant, animal, and biomass production learn to design and analyze energy- efficient and environmental control systems. Students study computer-controlled environments, irrigation systems, and solar energy applications. Agricultural engineers who focus on this area design, manufacture, and construct agricultural facilities.

Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department
Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department
Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural Engineering

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