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April 9, 2017

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Kristen Klein at Recyclemania

Bears Retain National RecycleMania Title

Berkeley has successfully defended its title in the national collegiate waste-diversion competition, RecycleMania. For a second time, Cal had the highest waste diversion rate (93%) at the March 8, 2014, men’s basketball home game against University of Colorado Boulder (which Cal won 66-65). To help motivate the crowd, the half-time entertainment included a composting and recycling competition on the court with prizes donated by Cal Dining.

New Move-In/Move-Out Program Encourages Students To Be Green

“Be Green! Keep it out of the Waste Stream!” reads a message shared with students. As part of the Cal Move-Out program, the webpage highlights ways for students to recycle all of their goods, from clothes, electronics, furniture, to bikes and more. Combining the resources of UC Berkeley and the City of Berkeley, the program aims to decrease the effects of illegal dumping near campus, and the environmental effects that accompany it.

3 trash binsNew Campus Trash & Recycling Cans Excel in Design & Safety

In 2009, the desire to improve waste collection sparked a unique approach to addressing campus needs. Outdated trash cans posed a mounting problem to Physical Plant-Campus Services crew, who incurred injuries from heavy lifting when collecting refuse. Theron Klos, grounds manager, lead the initiative to have Berkeley create its own solution. Seeking help from the sustainability community, environmental design students designed a trash can that excelled in all categories: waterproof, vermin-resistant, safer, and durable. With the first installation of the new bins, the campus moved another step forward in achieving zero waste by 2020. Read more, or visit the TGIF website.

Source: sustainability.berkeley.edu
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Waste Management Executive Sustainability Forum
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