Waste Management Louisville, KY

April 20, 2022

Conversion Information

  • Items must be set out near but sufficiently separated from your normal trash collection point.
  • Items must be set out before 6 AM on Monday of your collection week but no earlier than 4 PM on the Friday before your collection week. Those setting out items at other times are subject to civil penalties from $100 to $1000 per day per violation, as well as criminal prosecution and cost of cleanup.
  • All items must come from the household where they are set out.
  • Small items must be bundled or put in plastic bags with a loaded weight below 60 pounds. Do not use garbage cans or cardboard boxes.
  • Tree branches and brush no greater than 4 inches in diameter must be cut in four foot lengths and separated from other items so woody waste can be recycled into compost.
  • Doors must be removed from large appliances such as refrigerators and freezers.
  • No more than four tires per residence.
What not to set out:
  • No dirt, gravel or construction or demolition debris.
  • No auto parts.

Tires and appliances with Freon® will be collected separately from other items, and sometimes on different days, during your collection week, If they are not collected by Friday, phone MetroCall at 311 or 574.5000.

Junk and Bulk Waste Drop-Off - Once a Year at the Landfill on Grade Lane

A free junk and bulk waste drop-off day is provided for households in the Louisville Metro area once a year. While this junk drop-off is primarily intended to service residents in the Suburban Areas without regular curbside junk collection, it is open to all residents of Louisville Metro.

A public notice on this website will be given well in advance of the drop-off date, which usually occurs on a Sunday.

The program accepts bulky junk items such as appliances, furniture, mattresses, etc. Metal items are separated and recycled, and Freon® is properly removed from appliances.

The drop-off program will not accept:

Propane Cylinders
Fire Extinguishers
Hazardous Waste (See Household Hazardous Materials section for more information.)

Source: louisvilleky.gov
#21 Rosario Waste Management Office, Andrei Reyes, 27"41
#21 Rosario Waste Management Office, Andrei Reyes, 27"41
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