Waste Management job application

September 27, 2022

Solid Waste Division

img- Waste Management ApplicationHow old do you have to be to work at Waste Management? Most entry level positions call for a minimum age of 18 years old.

A few of the benefits offered to Waste Management staff are medical and dental coverage, vision insurance, life insurance, leaves of absence, flexible spending accounts, adoption assistance programs, education savings accounts, and a 401(k) plan. These are just a few reasons to apply for jobs at Waste Management and seek employment with a company whose job opportunities are never ending.

Waste Management Job Descriptions

Senior Truck Technician: A senior truck technician’s duties are to perform preventative management, run inspections and diagnostic tests, repair a variety of vehicles and heavy equipment, and train other junior associates. They will also be expected to use computer diagnostics and work with fleet maintenance software. The annual pay for this position is $40, 000.

Mechanic: A mechanic troubleshoots defects, diagnoses malfunctions, maintains maintenance records, rebuilds and replaces complex components, locates and replaces old parts, and provides assistance and training where needed. These individuals will make around $32.00 an hour.

Territory Manager: Responsibilities for a territory manager are to generate revenue growth, manage existing business relationships, create and develop new business relationships, achieve budgeting sales goals, and develop retention strategies. They must have a bachelor’s degree or 5 years of sales experience to earn an annual salary of $60, 000.

Business Intelligence: Employees with this title will design and develop new datasets, review and analyze ongoing customer requests, and is the primary contributor in designing, coding, testing, and debugging all applications. They must also solve complex problem and participate in user consulting. Applicants are expected to have a 3-5 year background in relational database management and reporting. On average they will make around $65, 000 a year.

Waste Management Interview Questions

After searching for Waste Management jobs online and filling out your free application, it’s time to begin preparing for the possible enquires made during the in-person process:

How many requisitions have you handled at one time? When asked about previous positions it’s best to simply answer honestly. This particular enquiry is designed to see whether or not you’ve dealt with a substantial amount of workplace pressure.

Tell us about a time you had a negative encounter with a client, how did you handle the situation? Customer service is key, so when giving an example remember to stress that you did your absolute best to please the client in any way possible.

Are you familiar with hydraulic and electrical systems? Again, answer this honestly. Do not say you are familiar with them if you aren’t. You don’t want to be confident about something and then have your manager find out later you were lying.

Describe a situation where you saw someone act unsafe on the job, what did you do when you saw it? In this kind of business, safety is huge. Assure the hiring manager that you would always stress safety standards and you would immediately report it if you saw someone behaving in an unsafe manner.

Source: jobapplicationdb.com
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