Top Agricultural Engineering Schools

January 6, 2014

The University of Michigan s

Biological and biomedical engineering is a field that uses mathematical and engineering principles to solve medical problems and other biological concerns. If you’re interested in this important career area, you should consider bioengineering schools and biomedical engineering graduate programs to further your knowledge. Bioengineers design medical diagnostic equipment, artificial body parts, and other biomedical devices and machines. In some cases, bioengineers work in fields such as agriculture and environmentalism, using their engineering knowledge to solve various biological problems.

Biomedical engineering graduate schools may offer concentrations such as agriculture engineering, bioinstrumentation, biochemical engineering, and other areas of focus that may interest you. Decide what career area you would like to pursue before choosing the concentration to best suits your goals. You will also need to decide on the degree level that is appropriate for your desired role. Search for masters degrees and you’ll find degrees like a Master of Biomedical Engineering or a Master of Biomechanics degree. At the doctorate level, find a Doctorate of Biomedical Engineering and a Doctorate of Chemical and Biological Science and Technology. You can even explore the option of graduate certificates that could help you expand on your existing knowledge of this field.

Search by city, state, and other criteria to pick from the best biomedical engineering grad school near you. You may also have the option of earning your degree from a hybrid or online biomedical engineering graduate programs. Choose the option that fits your lifestyle and professional ambitions and start your search!


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