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February 18, 2023


- Was this comment helpful? / (go figure)then why do you even have a position listed for gq if I was over qualified then just say so and I'll go find a real shop that knows how to use my expertise.

I had an appointment with WM not long ago. I took a day off from work, then WM called and left a message a day before my interview to tell me they made a mistake and had to reschedule. I never called them back.

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104 months ago

- Was this comment helpful? / for the position I had been screened 2 months prior. When initially screened I was told the interview was 200 miles from the actual job location. This was incorrect and I did not go to the erroneous interview location. They use a 3rd party recruiting service who appears to be totally incompetent. I called this service to express my dissatisfaction and to delete any profiles and/or applications. I have worked for enough dysfunctional organizations in my life.

- Was this comment helpful? / personnel @ WM. They should change their name to Wasted Management. What a joke for being a fortune 200 company.

102 months ago

- Was this comment helpful? / person, she asked me if I had time to stay for an additional interview. I told her "yes" so she sent me into a conference room with two other women who took turns firing off interview questions at me. Afterwards, they said they'd give me a call in about a week. The HR woman called back before the week was up, asked me if I'd come in again for another interview with the head of the department. I said of course. When I got there, I was placed in a conference room and was interviewed by two different people: the supervisor of the department I was applying for and her supervisor. They proceeded to ask questions for about an hour, each taking turns. When the guy finished all his questions, he turned over the sheet he was reading from, pulled out his Iphone & started texting on it - while I was answering his last question. The woman was checking her watch in between writing down my answers. That was two weeks ago. I got this in my email today:

Dear ___,

We appreciate your interest in joining Waste Management. However, after a review of your submission information we have concluded that we will not be continuing the recruiting process with you. As a result, at this time you are no longer being considered for the position. If you have applied to multiple positions with us please use the "workbench" tab on our career site to determine which position this email applies.

We wish you success in your career endeavors.


Waste Management Recruiting

I'm glad I'm not working for them. If they treat prospective employees like this, imagine how they treat their employees!

77 months ago

Jrm5204 in Essington, Pennsylvania said: Sounds like they used you for training.

They were posting the same position in my area over and over for months not long ago. I had a telephone interview, got a e-mail said they chose someone else, but they kept posting the same job. I even seen it posted on Craigslist one time. I guess they were collecting resumes and practicing...

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