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March 9, 2016

To 2016 Waste Mangagement

Waste Management and Grass Valley are excited to welcome you to our new two-cart waste and single-stream recycling program! This new program will replace the current waste and recycling program consisting of various waste carts, and recycling curbits. This new program has been designed to make waste and recycling collection more convenient, effective, and environmentally friendly.

During the week of April 15-19, Waste Management will be servicing all waste and recycling customers in your area. Waste management will deliver new rolling waste and recycling carts to all Grass Valley customers after you are serviced on your normally scheduled service day. After your cart is serviced, please leave your Waste Management containers at the curb for the remainder of the day. Throughout the day, different drivers will be delivering your new carts and removing your old Waste Management carts (we will not be collecting any customer owned containers). This new program will replace all old waste and recycling containers with the exception of green waste containers.

Your new waste cart will be serviced every week, on the exact same day as your previous service schedule. However, you may notice that you are serviced during a different time during the day. Your new single-stream recycling cart will be serviced every other week, the same day your waste is serviced. Please refer to your service calendar for more details. The cart sizes will vary based upon your current service level. The cart conversion is as follows:

  • 1-can service receives a 35-gallon waste cart and 64-gallon recycle cart
  • 2-can service receives one 64-gallon waste carts and 64-gallon recycle cart
  • 3-can service receives a 96-gallon waste cart and 64-gallon recycle cart
  • 20- gallon cart service receives a 20-gallon waste cart and 64-gallon recycle cart

Included with this letter please find a brochure which outlines more details about this program and service offerings. Customers that bring their carts to a community stop will receive their carts at their community stop. All carts at these community stops will be labeled with the customer’s house number. Please ensure that you take the appropriate carts.

All acceptable recyclable materials should be mixed together and placed in the new recycling cart. The new single-stream recycling program accepts glass, plastic beverage and food containers, aluminum and metal cans, mixed paper, junk mail and cardboard. Waste Management also offers green waste carts, which can be delivered upon request. Please contact Customer Service at (866) 823-6125 for green waste pricing.

We ask that you take the months of April and May to experience this new program at your current service level. If you would like to change your level of service, please call customer service and we will gladly assist you.

Let’s make this new recycling program a success! Please contact Waste Management Customer Service at (866) 823-6125 with questions, concerns, or for more information.


Waste Management provides high quality refuse and recycling collection services to local residents and businesses. We are justifiably proud of taking care of our customers, while working to keep efficient operations and fair rates. We have worked well with our local communities to offer programs that meet and exceed state-mandated recycling requirements, and have been proactive in areas of waste reduction, recycling yard trimmings processing and conversion of diesel vehicles to alternate and less polluting fuels.

Customer Service

Phone: (866) 825-7190

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm
Source: www.wm.com
WM working in Carlsbad & Valley Center
WM working in Carlsbad & Valley Center
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