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October 7, 2012

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Collection Zones

Residential Refuse, Recycling and Yard Waste/Landscaping

The Village of Wheeling utilizes heavy duty wheeled carts. Each residential dwelling unit has been assigned one (1) 96-gallon cart for refuse and one (1) 64-gallon cart for recyclables. A residential dwelling unit is defined as any single family home, townhome or multi-family home containing four or fewer units.

Requests for containers or replacements, if damaged, must be made through Waste Management at (800) 796-9696. These carts are the property of Waste Management and are not to be removed from the residence.

Important General Guidelines

All carts and materials must be placed at the curb for collections no earlier than 5:00 PM the evening before scheduled collection but by 6:00 AM the day of scheduled collection.

All refuse and recycling must be placed inside the designated cart with the lid completely closed for appropriate collections.

All empty carts or any refuse materials that were not collected must be removed from the curb by or before 8:00 AM the day after scheduled collections.

On days other than collection days, carts along with bulk items shall be kept in the garage or adjacent to a principal structure within the side or rear yard of any lot. No waste or carts can be stored in front of principal structure or within the front yard are of any single family lot.

Carts containing mixed refuse, recycling or yard waste, or refuse in boxes will not be collected.

What Can I Recycle?
The Village of Wheeling encourages residents to reduce, reuse and recycle. The following are items for recycling. All recyclable materials should be rinsed free of food.
Please do not mix household refuse with recyclables in the recycling cart. Mixed refuse in recycling carts will not be collected. Also, please do not place recyclable materials in plastic bags.
· Aluminum cans, foil, formed containers
· Steel or tin cans
· Empty aerosol cans
· NO scrap metal, fire extinguishers, propane or helium tanks, untensils, hangers, or auto parts.
· Bottles and jars only
· Brown, green and clear glass
· NO drinking glasses, ceramis, mirrors, window or auto glass, bake ware, dishes or light bulbs
Plastics (All recycling codes can be numerically identified in a triangle on containers)

PET (#1)
· 1 & 2 litter soda bottles
· mouthwash bottles
· plastic flower pots (empty)
· plastic plates & trays

HDPE (#2)
· detergent or fabric softener containers
· household cleaner bottles
· milk, water & juice bottles
· butter, margarine or yogurt tubs
· baby wipe containers
· plastic cups

PVC (#3)
· cooking oil bottles
· shampoo bottles

LDPE (#4)
· squeezable bottles
· shampoo bottles

PP (#5)
· squezable bottles
· shampoo bottles

PS (#6)
· No plastic bags, plastic wrap or 6 and 12 pack rings

Other (#7)
· plastic baby bottles
· metal food can liners
· clear "sippy cups
· sport water bottles
· some reusable water bottles

No motor oil, anti-freeze, pool chemicals or hazardous waste containers.
No containers larger than one (1) gallon.
No PS [Polystyrene] (#6)

Such codes apply to: plastic soft drink, water, and sports drink bottles; milk, water, juice cosmetic, shampoo or laundry detergent bottles; yogurt or margarine tubs; peanut butter, pickle, jelly or jam containers; plastic flower pots; plastic plates and trays; deli containers, egg cartons, six and twelve pack rings; empty baby wipe containers; plastic cups; cosmetic containers; empty medicine bottles; compact disc jackets; etc.

Newspapers: all inserts accepted
Magazines & catalogs: glossy and non-glossy
Books and Phone Books: hard and soft covers
Kraft Brown paper bags
Paperboard (Chipboard): cereal boxes, tissue boxes, clothing boxes, pasta boxes, frozen food boxes, beverage carriers
Corrugated Cardboard: must be flattened into 2' by 2' squares and staked neatly or secured with string inside of or next to
recycling cart
Mail/Mixed paper: flyers, postcards, brochures, greeting cards, window and bond envelopes, stationary, advertisements, post
it notes, office paper, shredded paper (place in paper bag)
No food or contaminated paper. No bath tissue, paper towels, photos, laminated paper or paper soiled with food, wax or foil.
Yard Waste/Landscape

Yard waste, or landscape waste, is collected weekly from April 1st to November 30th on scheduled collection days. Yard waste must be placed in biodegradable Kraft paper bags (max 33 gallons and 45 lbs. in weight) or in containers (max 33 gallons and 45 lbs. in weight) clearly marked with a red “X” around body of the container. Bags and containers larger than 33 gallons and exceeding 45 lbs. in weight will not be collected. There is no limit to the number of paper bags or containers. Yard waste in plastic bags or cardboard boxes will not be collected

Please note: Yard waste services are not provided to condominium and townhome units.
Brush and Tree Trimmings

Brush and tree limbs must be bundled and tied (with biodegradable twine or string) in distinct piles that are no longer than 4 feet in length, 2 feet in diameter and weighing no more than 45 lbs. with no individual branch being greater than 3 inches in diameter.

Contact Information
Waste Management can be reached Monday through Friday at (800) 796-9696 for service questions or problems. If you experience problems with Waste Management, please contact the Village at (847) 279-6900.
Appliances/White Goods
In 1994, a ban was placed on the disposal of appliances into Illinois landfills. Therefore, appliances, or sometimes referred as white goods, are required to be collected separately and disposed properly. Appliances include ranges/stoves, microwaves, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, furnace, hot water heaters, dehumidifiers, water softeners, trash compactors, and dishwashers.
If the appliance is in good working condition, residents may consider donating the appliance to local charities or organizations. Many local appliance companies will also collect and dispose of old appliances free of charge with the purchase of a new one.
Residents, who require the collection of an appliance, are required to contact Waste Management at (800) 796-9696 to schedule a collection. Collection of appliances will occur on regularly scheduled collection days, unless resident requests a special collection. Charges apply and full payment is required prior to collection.

Appliances/White Goods

Residential units (defined as any single family home, townhome or multi-family home containing four or fewer units) may place one (1) large bulk item – that is too large to fit into a 96-gallon cart but manageable to lift by a single person – per week at the curbside for collection on scheduled collection days, at no additional charge. Maximum weight limit is 45 lbs. Such items may include bicycle, chair, mattress or box spring, swing set (taken apart), furniture (taken apart if possible) or lawnmower (without any fluids).

Four (4) rolls of carpeting may be accepted instead of one (1) bulk item per week. Carpets must be rolled and tied or taped. The carpet, after being rolled and tied or taped, must be no longer than 4 ft. in length, no wider than 2 ft. in diameter and weigh no more than 45 lbs. each.

All additional or heavier items must be arranged through WM at 800-796-9696 for a special collection and/or site survey for a quote

Bulk Items

The Village is divided into five collection zones.

Day of the Week Zone Optional 2nd Pick up Day
Monday Zone A: South of Dundee Road and west of Elmhurst Road (Route 83). Includes Lake of the Winds, Lakeside Villas, Tahoe Village, and Arling Grove. Thursday
Tuesday Zone B: East of Wisconsin Central Railroad tracks to eastern Village limits. Includes Timberleaf, Shadow Bend, Equestrian Grove, Fox Point, and Harmony Village. Friday
Zone C: Lexington Commons and Lexington Commons II. N/A
Zone D: East of Elmhurst Road and west of Wisconsin Central Railroad tracks, south of Dundee Road. Includes Ridgefield, Polo Run, and Avalon.
Zone E: North of Dundee Road between Buffalo Grove Road and Wisconsin Central Railroad tracks. Includes Whippletree Village, Brookvale, Chelsea Cove, and Arlington Club

For further zone clarification, please see map below

(Household) Construction or Renovation Debris

Source: www.wheelingil.gov
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