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December 14, 2016

Complet facility

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Can I leave my barrel in the street even if there is a bike lane?

No. It is a State Vehicle Code violation to block an official bike lane. Barrels must be placed away from the bike lane. If you need assistance on where to place barrels call the 311 Call Center for assistance.

Do I actually own the barrels?

No. The first three barrels (one for each commodity; trash, green waste, and recyclables) are provided by the city to facilitate trash service. When the resident moves out, all three barrels are to stay behind at that address. If a resident requests an additional barrel, he/she is charged a one-time fee and a monthly fee for extra service. If the second barrel is no longer needed, the resident can schedule a pick up. If returned within two years of delivery, a $25.00 credit will be issued.

Does the City of Riverside clean or replace barrels when they have a foul odor?

No. the resident is responsible for the cleanliness of the barrel. Regular trash should always be placed in trash bags before being placed in the brown barrel. Recyclable food and beverage containers should be rinsed before placing them in the blue barrels. Both of these actions will not only help to eliminate the odor, but will also deter rodents.

Remember: Chemicals cannot be used on the barrels and then rinsed into the gutter. If using chemicals, such as baking soda which is safe for the environment, the water must be emptied into a household drain.

Does the City of Riverside credit my account if my trash was missed?

No. Riverside does not credit the utility account. It is up to the resident to contact the city and alert them to the problem so they can return to collect the missed barrel. Contact the 311 Call Center to have the barrel serviced.

How do I find out who provides my trash service?

Contact the 311 Call Center to find out who services your area and the day(s) of service.

If the resident before me used both the bulky item appointments for the year, may I make an appointment?

Yes. As a new resident you are still entitled to two free bulky item pick-ups per year. Contact the 311 Call Center to schedule a pick up.

May I discontinue city trash services while still residing in Riverside?

Residents are required to dispose of their trash in an appropriate manner. Residents may choose to use the services of the city or choose to obtain a self hauler's permit available through Public Works Administration. There is a fee associated with a self hauler's permit. When the application for the self hauler's permit has been approved, the resident will be required to show proof of weekly trash disposal.

Contact the for additional information.

May I leave my barrels in the street or at the curb between service days?

No. It is a violation to leave barrels out between service days. Please refer to the Riverside Municipal Code for more information.

Where can I dispose of electronic waste such as TV’s and computers?

The City of Riverside holds several events throughout the year where residents may bring their electronic waste for disposal. For more information regarding these free events visit the City of Riverside CURE schedule.

All other electronic waste, as well as household hazardous waste, is accepted at the county’s Household Hazardous Waste drop off site, located at 1780 Agua Mansa Road. This location is open every Saturday from 9am-2pm, excluding holiday weekends. For further inquiries please contact Riverside County Waste Management Department at 951-486-3200.

Where can I dispose of needles and sharps?

The following locations accept medical sharps:

Location Address Collection Times
Riverside County Hazardous Waste Facility 1780 Agua Mansa Road
Riverside, CA 92509
9:00am - 2:00pm
Every Non-Holiday Saturday
Downtown Fire Station # 1 3420 Mission Inn Avenue
Riverside, CA 92501
8:00am - 5:00pm
Arlington Fire Station # 2 9449 Andrew Street
Riverside, CA 92503
8:00am - 5:00pm
Magnolia Fire Station # 3 6395 Riverside Avenue
Riverside, CA 92503
8:00am - 5:00pm

Help preserve our environment by properly disposing of needles and sharps, which are a hazardous waste. It is unlawful to put medical sharps such as hypodermic needles, lancets and pen needles into curbside collection recycle or trash containers. For more information on sharps disposal procedures, Click Here.

Why was my barrel removed with my trash?

The Solid Waste Division sometimes finds barrels that do not appear to belong to the address being serviced. Some examples are extra unbilled barrels and containers at vacant houses. When drivers find these, they might try to make contact with the resident. If contact is not available, drivers take the barrel(s) and investigate the problem.

Why was my trash missed today?

There could be several reasons why your barrel was not emptied. Reasons may include your container being too close to another can, having a vehicle parked too close or other obstruction blocking the driver, leaving the lid open, having contents sticking out of the top, placing inappropriate items in the barrels or setting out the containers late. Please check for these things. After making any necessary corrections, contact the 311 Call Center to have the can serviced.

Source: www.riversideca.gov
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