Waste Management Landfill Hours

June 29, 2014


The Lancaster Landfill & Recycling Center is located in the Los Angeles County unincorporated area of Antelope Valley, California, and currently encompasses 276 acres of land and 209 acres permitted for waste disposal.

Waste Management's Lancaster Landfill & Recycling Center employs the latest advances in landfill technology. From selecting our landfill location to capping landfills that have been filled to capacity, every effort is made to ensure our operational integrity as well as the safety of the surrounding ecosystems.

As part of one of the largest network of landfills in the industry, Waste Management’s facility utilizes state-of-the-art liners, leachate collection, ground water monitoring and gas control systems, along with highly effective operational procedures, to ensure a pristine environment.

Designed and operated under highly-regulated and prescribed procedures, our landfill is engineered to protect surface and ground water through the highest environmental control. We carefully maintain our site to ensure we meet or exceed all federal, state and local regulations.

Onsite Facilities

Scalehouse Operation
Located at the entrance to the Lancaster Landfill & Recycling Center is a state-of-the-art computerized weigh station. The station allows us to monitor the waste disposal trucks entering and leaving the facility, inspect waste loads that may contain materials that are banned from MSW landfills, and maintain a database to record the name of customers disposing waste at the facility; the weight, type and origin of the waste being disposed; and the time and location of disposal within the landfill.

The records created by the weigh station are important for two reasons. First they help us to monitor the health of the landfill through daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reports. Second, they allow California to monitor its progress in fulfilling the waste diversion goals required by Assembly Bill 939 (AB 939). Passed by the California State Assembly in 1989, the bill mandates that each county to meet diversion goals of 25% by 1995 and 50% by the year 2000. AB 939 also established an integrated framework for program implementation, solid waste planning, and solid waste facility and landfill compliance.

Recycling Operations
Recycling has always been a major priority for Waste Management. Not only does recycling help save valuable landfill space, it also helps protect the health of the environment and the surrounding community. As a result, Waste Management offers the following recycling programs as part of its regular operations.

Concrete/Asphalt and Green/Wood Materials
The Lancaster Landfill & Recycling Center accepts concrete, asphalt, wood and green waste for recycling. Concrete and asphalt are processed to make recycled road base for internal use. Similarly, wood and green waste are chipped onsite for vegetation needs and shipped off-site for beneficial reuse such as boiler fuel.

Electronic Waste Recycling
The Lancaster Landfill provides Antelope Valley residents a convenient location to properly recycle e-waste for a nominal fee. Residents can drop-off items, such as televisions, microwaves and computers. E-waste is also accepted free twice per month at the Antelope Valley Environmental Collection Center. For more information, visit AVECC.

Building Debris and Green Waste Recycling
The Lancaster Landfill accepts concrete, asphalt, wood and green waste for recycling. Collected at the facility for further processing, the used concrete and asphalt are crushed to make recycled road and construction material for internal use. Similarly, wood and green waste are ground up onsite and sold to outside vendors as boiler fuel.

Source: www.wm.com

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