IIT 2008 Global Alumni Conference - IITech Expo 2008
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IITech Expo 2008



IITech Expo

As the largest annual gathering of world-class technology and business professionals of Indian descent, the PanIIT 2008 Global Conference is a get-together of the greatest minds in the world.

IITians have made significant global contributions in the corporate world, academia, entrepreneurial / social ventures, politics, entertainment and other walks of life. Most of them are:

The driving force behind India's massive resurgence as a global economic player
Top executives at several Fortune 500 companies
Setting new standards in giving back to their communities
The Tata Consultancy Services Stall at PanIIT 2007
The Tata Consultancy Services Stall
at PanIIT 2007

The PanIIT 2008 Global Conference is expected to be an impressive IIT alumni platform focusing on one objective – to inspire IITians to innovate and transform India and hence the world.

IITech 2008 is the exhibition held at the same time as the conference, and will offer stalls in various sizes and configurations in 10,000 sq ft of air-conditioned space on the IIT Madras campus.

Exhibition details will be available here soon. In the meantime you can email us at paniitalumni@gmail.com for more information.

Why exhibit at PanIIT?

PanIIT 2008 is not just the event, but rather a series of interactions, thought processes, ideas and concrete action items towards the projects and activities that follow.

For companies and brands, this is a tremendous opportunity to network with the globally vibrant and economically influential IIT Alumni community of CEOs, thought leaders, multi-national entrepreneurs and influencers.

By exhibiting at PanIIT 2008, you can

Heighten product, company and brand awareness
Forge strategic new partnerships
Market advanced solutions
Generate international media coverage

Who will attend?

3000 plus IIT alumni
2000 plus IIT students and over 500 leading research scholars
Over 200 distinguished industry leaders and panelists
Leading Academicians and policy makers
Leading Venture Capitalists, Private Equity and Financial Institutions
Leading Industrialists, CEO's, Directors, Strategists
Over 1500 local engineering and science students

Sponsors & Partners

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