Principles of combustion

March 15, 2022

Step 1: Principles of

  • Compressor Heuristics for Conceptual Process Design

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research


2011 50 (24), pp 9

Abstract: Multiple compressors in series with intermediate heat exchangers are frequently used to reduce compressor energy consumption or to limit compressor discharge temperatures when the overall compression ratio (initial suction pressure divided by the required ...

  • Heuristic Design of Reaction/Separation Processes with Two Recycles

2011 50 (8), pp 4788โ€“4795

Abstract: A recent paper presented a heuristic approach to quickly estimate the optimum tradeoff between reactor size and recycle flow rate during the preliminary conceptual process design of a reaction/separation process. The basic idea is to find the minimum ...

  • Design and Control of Stacked-Column Distillation Systems

2014 53 (33), pp 5

Abstract: The separation of close-boiling, low-relative volatility components by distillation requires many trays and high reflux ratios (high energy consumption). Temperature-sensitive components often limit temperatures, so vacuum conditions must be used in which ...

  • Design and Control of a Methanol Reactor/Column Process

2010 49 (13), pp 6150โ€“6163

Abstract: Methanol is one of the prime candidates for providing an alternative to petroleum-based liquid transportation fuels. It can be made from any renewable biomass hydrocarbon source by partial oxidation in an oxygen-blown gasifier to produce synthesis gas...

  • Design and Control of the Dry Methane Reforming Process

2014 53 (37), pp 9

Abstract: The much lower cost of natural gas and the desire to reduce carbon dioxide emissions have stimulated interest in the dry methane reforming process in which these two gases react to produce synthesis gas. The ratio of hydrogen to carbon monoxide in the ...

  • Effect of Tray Pressure Drop on the Trade-off between Trays and Energy

2012 51 (26), pp 9186โ€“9190

Abstract: The classical trade-off between number of trays and energy consumption in distillation design is one of the fundamental concepts in chemical engineering. Conventional wisdom states that the use of more stages results in lower reflux ratios and lower ...

PDF Principles Of Fire Behavior And Combustion Free Books
PDF Principles Of Fire Behavior And Combustion Free Books
Principles of Combustion Free Download Book
Principles of Combustion Free Download Book

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