Internal combustion engine vehicles

June 13, 2019

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DOE’s Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity (AVTA) teamed with Pinnacle West (holding company of Arizona Public Service) and Electric Transportation Applications (ETA) to construct and operate a hydrogen and compressed natural gas (H/CNG) generation and fueling facility in Phoenix, Arizona. The H/CNG facility provided pure hydrogen, pure CNG, or H/CNG blends to the various internal combustion engine (ICE) test vehicles.

APS Alternative Fuel (Hydrogen) Pilot Plant

Testing information for the prototype 100% hydrogen dispenser, that also blends in real-time and delivers 15, 20, 30 and 50% hydrogen and CNG.

Other Information or Reports

  • Feasibility Study of Hydrogen Production at Existing Nuclear Power Plants

Test Specifications and Procedures

HICEV America Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle (HICEV) Technical Specifications - November 2004

Video clips

These short video clips show a person fueling a van with hydrogen blended fuel. The clips are soundless.

Electric Vehicles - carting off the gasoline engine
Electric Vehicles - carting off the gasoline engine
Project ( Internal Combustion Engine )
Project ( Internal Combustion Engine )
Introduction to Internal combustion Engines
Introduction to Internal combustion Engines

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