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February 18, 2020

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The Peterson Family in front of our family farm!These family farms are not the family farms from fifty years ago, however. Higher land prices and higher input costs have made it extremely tough to make much of a profit as a farmer, especially on a small farm. Few farming opportunities and the draw of a higher salary in the city have also led to a decline of young people returning to their family’s farm. These factors contributed to a decline in the number of farms and the growth of the average size of a typical family farm. Many family farms joined together to farm “corporately” (Our father and grandfather farmed together as a corporation, as will the Peterson Farm Bros) to help absorb the massive costs of running a modern day farm. Thankfully, new technology such as larger equipment, GPS technology, and automated processes have allowed for farmers to farm more acres and raise more livestock per farmer, which has allowed agricultural production to thrive in recent years. Many family farms have thousands of acres of land and over a thousand head of livestock, including ours.

An “industrial farm” is considered a large-scale farming operation with over 1, 000 acres of ground or over 1, 000 head of livestock (otherwise known as a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation). This definition fits our family farm and many others I know of. These bigger farms have allowed for greater food production on less land. In 1960, one farmer fed just 25 people. Today, the average family farmer feeds over 155 people and the average American spends only about 6% of their income on their food, compared to 17% in 1960. Less expensive food has allowed for 98% of the population to spend all of their time doing something else besides raising their own food. How would you like it if you spent each day of your life growing your own food, instead of working at your current job and spending loads of time and money on family, leisure, and entertainment?

As you can see, the “industrial farming” Chipotle is so against is actually taking place on family farms just like ours. However, please hear me out! Do you really think huge farms equate to wealthy, spoiled families and rich, powerful CEO-like farmers that Chipotle depicts? Of course not! Many large family farms still have trouble making a profit. Droughts, floods, blizzards, market prices, and equipment breakdowns can wipe away all of our profit in an instant. Farmers, no matter how big or small, still have to work crazy long hours, still have to get their clothes dirty, and still have to deal with the defeat and sadness of losing a crop or losing an animal to sickness. It’s not an easy job. And that is why farmers use these methods and new technology, to make their job a little easier!

However, just because family farming operations are bigger than they used to be, doesn’t mean they have lost the ethical values every family farm was founded on! I firmly believe there is no better place to raise a child than on a farm, big or small. I was outside helping my dad feed cattle before I went to preschool. I learned to drive a tractor when I was 5. I put in my first 10-hour workday when I was in fifth grade. And I loved every minute of it! The farming community that I have experienced in my travels throughout the country is one represented by strong ethical values, hard work ethic, and legendary perseverance no matter what the size, type, or location. If you’ve met a farmer that doesn’t exhibit these qualities, I would be extremely surprised!

Chipotle saying that bigger family farmers are “industrialized” and “evil” is one of the biggest reasons everyone in the farming community has reacted so strongly to their commercials. It is a skewed portrayal. In fact, I don’t believe the words “industrial, ” “factory, ” or “corporate” should ever be associated with farms, due to their negative connotations. While some of us farm families are bigger and some of us are smaller, we in the agricultural community generally tend to stick together, you know, kind of like a FAMILY! So, Chipotle, when you mess with some of us, you mess with all of us!

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