Agricultural Engineering Apprenticeships

January 26, 2017

Land-based engineering

This apprenticeship trains you to maintain and repair mechanised equipment used in agriculture, horticulture and other land-based industries.

Training opportunities

You’ll train as a technician and learn how to maintain a variety of machines. The exact nature of your work will depend on your employer – land-based engineers can work on:

  • complex agricultural machinery like tractors, combine harvesters, sprayers, planters and cultivators
  • ground care machinery like mowers, compact tractors
  • forestry machinery like chainsaws, wood chippers
  • fixed machinery like milking equipment
  • construction machinery like trucks and mini diggers

You’ll develop a thorough understanding of agricultural principles, and plenty of technical know-how.

Types of apprenticeships

There are 2 types of land-based engineering apprenticeships.

Intermediate level apprenticeship

You could train in roles like:

  • sports/groundcare technician
  • service technician

Advanced level apprenticeship

You’ll learn how to diagnose and repair more complex faults in roles like:

  • demonstrator
  • independent technician
  • workshop supervisor

Apply for a land-based engineering apprenticeship

Agricultural engineering #45 เพื่อน
Agricultural engineering #45 เพื่อน
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Graduation Project - Agricultural Engineering -ASU
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Agricultural Engineering KMITL

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