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November 26, 2016

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"Customers turn to us for a complete range of sustainability advisory services and environmental management solutions."

About WM Sustainability Services

We provide sustainability expertise in ways that are both innovative and practical. Behind every solution is the foundation of a full-service, ISO 9001 and 14001-certified special services division of Waste Management. From here, we provide best-practice advisory and consulting services devoted to developing long-term and comprehensive environmental management solutions.

We can be where our customers need us to be – with a national network of professionals offering sustainability advisory services and environmental and project management experience to help them advance along the path toward sustainability.

We believe collaboration is the cornerstone of every successful sustainability plan. Working with you, we will help define; design and implement an environmental road map that moves you beyond operational efficiencies and into innovative solutions and systems that deliver measurable and lasting results. Whatever your industry and whatever your size, we have the expertise, experience and passion to bring your sustainability goals to a heightened level of achievement.

We are here to help you think beyond waste and recycling programs to a holistic approach addressing your organization's sustainability needs. Waste Management Sustainability Services has adopted a "Triple Bottom Line" approach in the way in which we consult with our customers. By taking the environment, social aspects and economics into consideration when devising solutions, we can provide higher value to our customers.

Who We Are

"We are experts from all over the globe, united by a shared passion to help customers innovate and optimize in creating sustainable businesses."

We are leaders helping other leaders realize their full potential. Our job is to equip our customers with the insight and direction needed to help them succeed.

Our team of experts consists of individuals from diverse professional backgrounds that work collectively to cultivate innovative solutions, driven by a comprehensive analysis of the challenges that face our customers. Each team member is strategically selected based on their academic and professional environmental and sustainability industry experience.

We recognize that every business is unique. Developing tailored solutions to specific sustainable, regulatory and financial goals is what differentiates us. We will work closely with you from the very beginning, from an initial needs assessment through program execution, management and evaluation.

We provide a collaborative and interpersonal approach to our method of consulting. By integrating ourselves completely within the solution, culture and business operations of our customers’ organizations, we are able to drive sustainability throughout the supply and value chains. We don't just hand you a report; we work with you through the entire process, project-managing the solution to show lasting value. We also have professionals based at many customer locations across the country to assist with sustainability program development, program implementation, and managing and measuring sustainability programs. We will draw on this experience to meet your needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our Team of Experts

"We are connected by a common passion for a sustainable tomorrow; a passion that translates into success for our customers."

We are a diverse team, which is a key factor that allows us to adapt to the evolving needs of our customers in order to achieve innovative and lasting solutions.

The team at Waste Management Sustainability Services shares a core set of values and contributes to a supportive culture. We are forward-thinkers continually finding ways to improve on areas of value efficiency and to have a more impactful, introspective view of sustainability.

Waste Management Sustainability Services has a highly skilled team of professionals ranging from engineers, architects, corporate sustainability managers, IT specialists, MBAs, and to GHG managers, just to name a few, and all here to help our customers meet their individual sustainability needs. With experts representing many fields, we are equipped to provide outstanding sustainability solutions to a wide-range of industries.

Assisting our customers with their sustainable needs requires innovation and expertise across industries. We set our consultants up for success by investing time and resources into their professional development and continuing education in sustainability. Whether it's providing opportunities for our consultants to pursue LEED accreditation, obtain Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and sustainability certifications or attend industry related workshops, we believe in the value of professional growth and development

Our Sustainability Commitment

"With sustainability a concern for the global community, we are committed to finding solutions that address your specific needs."

When working with our customers, we apply our understanding derived from work with various industries on environmental matters, and we develop a strategy with far-reaching impact. We leverage the resources, industry assets and expertise of Waste Management to develop solutions unrivaled in the industry to meet our customers' toughest environmental challenges. Our solutions include the environmental management of resources and materials, strategic planning for the optimization of efficient materials capture, and opportunities for waste reduction, materials recycling, and diversion. These solutions help our customers meet their environmental, regulatory and financial goals. View the EHSQ policy statement here.

Source: www.wm.com
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