Waste Management Tampa Florida

January 5, 2023

Waste Management - Florida

Are you searching for a company that can help your business in Tampa properly, legally and morally dispose of medical and other forms of hazardous waste in an environmentally friendly manner that follows all state and federal laws while offering you all the protection of proper chain of custody? Imagine dealing with a company who takes your problems away and brings back a receipt and a smile. Welcome to ProMed Waste Solutions.

Who We Can Help

ProMed Waste Solutions is a medical waste disposal company which offers a wide array of services to hospitals, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, research labs, schools, surgery centers as well as autoclave services to other medical waste transporters. We offer "one stop" shopping and a price lock guarantee. We offer group doctor discounts as well.

Our Services

We provide the proper equipment, facilities, trained representatives to dispose of your medical universal waste, hazardous waste, pharmaceutical waste, e-waste. We also provide shredding and recycling services. We also offer integrated waste stream solutions and reusable sharps management programs for high quantity generators such as hospitals and surgery centers. No matter how large or small, we can customize a program to fit your needs. We also offer a 20% guaranteed savings over any competitor's rates.


Our company prides itself on providing you with premier service and expertise for medical waste disposal affordably, efficiently and responsibly. We not only meet but exceed all state and federal regulations. We built a state of the art autoclave that far surpasses any other in the industry. Extra attention was paid to the environment by adding features that will keep our planet green.


Our compliance department offers comprehensive services such as customized OSHA and Department of Health compliance manuals, on-site or online training and mock inspections. The Department of Labor trained and certified Compliance Specialists can assist you in any way to fit your needs.

Personal and Friendly

When you call into our office you are not calling a national call center you will be speaking to the same people. We know our customers by name. You are not just a customer, you are our friend and partner. It is all about friendly customer service and being proactive with the customers. You are priority #1. Whatever it takes to make you happy is what ProMed Waste Solutions strives to do.

We serve the following zip codes in Tampa
33601 33602 33603 33604 33605
33606 33607 33608 33609 33610
33611 33612 33613 33614 33615
33616 33617 33618 33619 33620
33621 33622 33623 33624 33625
33626 33629 33630 33631 33633
33634 33635 33637 33646 33647
33650 33655 33660 33661 33662
33663 33664 33672 33673 33674
33675 33677 33679 33680 33681
33682 33684 33685 33686 33687
33688 33689 33690
Source: www.promedicalwaste.com
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