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November 7, 2021

Program Partners

Barry BrunenkantBarrry Brunenkant
District Manager

As the newly appointed District Manager, Barry oversees the day-to-day operations with our more than 150 employees here in the Antelope Valley. Barry has over twenty-one years of experience in the transportation industry and oversees all routing, cart delivery, and service aspects of the agreement. He is dedicated to providing high quality, safe service to our residents and businesses. In addition to his main hauling district duties, Barry successfully oversees all service and contractual requirements and retains the required safety standards that have set WM apart as an industry leader.

Barry recently relocated to the Antelope Valley from Tucson, AZ and is happily married. An avid baseball player and fan, Barry played professionally for 7 years for the Texas Rangers and Cleveland Indians.

Nicole Stetson

Nicole Stetson
District Landfill Manager

Nicole Stetson brings considerable experience and enthusiasm to her post, District Landfill Manager for Waste Management of Antelope Valley. In the solid waste profession for 8 years, Nicole remains committed to maintaining a clean community.

Currently, Nicole oversees facilities in Palmdale and Lancaster. During her tenure as the District Landfill Manager and formerly Environmental Protection Manager, the two Antelope Valley landfills have consistently adhered to or exceeded state and federal regulations. In addition, the Lancaster facility crew has maintained a perfect safety record for the past 17 years, setting a company record.

Josh MannIn 2011, Nicole was instrumental in the development and construction of the Reclaimable Anaerobic Composter (RAC) project located at the Lancaster Landfill. This facility processes food and organic wastes resulting in a compost material, preserving valuable landfill airspace.

Nicole remains dedicated to improving the solid waste industry and environmental issues as a member of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA).

Josh Mann
Public Sector Solutions Manager

A lifelong resident of the high desert, Josh is proud to call the area his home. In his role at Waste Management, he works with local leaders and government officials to develop programs to increase recycling and support the region’s quality of life through outreach programs, charitable giving and partnerships. Josh is dedicated to his community, proudly serving on the boards of several Antelope Valley business and philanthropic organizations. Prior to joining the Waste Management team, he worked in economic development and public affairs. Josh is pleased to a part of Waste Management’s team serving the greater Antelope Valley!

Source: www.wm.com

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