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May 20, 2020

Of the Houston Solid Waste

CitizensnetOur Mission

The Solid Waste Management Department’s (SWMD) mission is to provide solid waste services to the citizens of Houston through the collection, disposal and recycling of discarded material in a manner that is safe, efficient, environmentally sound and cost-effective.


The solid waste industry is a field where skilled professionals across the world seek solutions to issues that arise from business operations. The City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department continually seeks new processes to achieve goals and complete tasks at-hand with efficiency and cost-effectiveness at every opportunity. Innovations such as the in-house mechanical rebuild shop, where the SWMD utilizes current staff and facilities to rebuild parts such as transmissions and mechanical arms, and the employee suggestion program where front-line employees are encouraged to voice their ideas on efficiency and new ways to perform their duties.

Chapter 39, Code of Ordinances

The SWMD provides services to the residents of the City of Houston as defined in Chapter 39 of the Code of Ordinances.

Trash Facts

A complete guide to the services that the SWMD offers to residents is available in one resource, "The Trash Facts", available in English and Spanish.

Source: www.houstontx.gov
Yard Clippings - Waste Management and Recycling
Yard Clippings - Waste Management and Recycling
2014 Solid Waste Management Retirees
2014 Solid Waste Management Retirees

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