Agricultural Engineering job opportunities

August 9, 2016


Biological Engineers with a concentration in agriculture could become consultants for farming enterprises or agricultural commodities suppliers. Some may mitigate land and water rights or provide expert witness testimony.

Job opportunities and careers for biological engineers involve areas of agriculture, bioprocesses and the environment. This kind of engineering may demand a combination of indoor and outdoor work. Engineering jobs may require product design and development, plant engineering and management, engineering consulting, and design of systems working with biological, natural resources and the environment. Jobs can be found in the private sector, research, teaching and government sectors.

Agricultural and environmental technology graduates are typically employed in jobs that involve the application, implementation and management of engineering designs, conservation and utilization of natural resources, agricultural production systems, water and animal waste management, structures and environmental controls, and agribusiness management.

Both Biological and Agricultural Engineering degree programs may lead to jobs with private businesses, governmental agencies (county, state, and federal), or public utilities. Students learn while participating in hands-on research projects overseen by faculty and extension personnel.

If you think you might be interested in becoming a Biological and Agricultural Engineer or Technician and would like more information please see the Bio&Ag Future Undergraduate page or Undergraduate Program information.


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