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May 16, 2017

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Honda is dedicated to finding ways to improve on gasoline, which is still a necessary part of today's world. With a history of firsts in technological advances to the internal combustion engine, Honda attacks fuel economy on two fronts simultaneously: reducing fuel consumption while minimizing exhaust emissions. All this while maintaining real-world drivability and long-term reliability. These efforts are crucial to preserving our precious environmental resources and reducing our oil dependency.
The gasoline-powered Honda Civic is an Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle. In 2000, an Accord became the first gasoline-powered car sold in California to meet the Super-Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle standard. Two years later, Honda introduced a new generation of gasoline engines around the world, with extremely low emission levels and increased fuel efficiency that also helped improve driving performance.
The key to meeting the Clean Air Act all those years ago was that we made the commitment to work on this challenge by creating a new engine—not simply an add-on technology. Today, reducing emissions requires a number of strategies. We feel it is significant that Honda's basic strategy has continued to focus on a clean "engine-out" design.
Honda is proud of three decades of pioneering work on the technologies that make cars cleaner.
Natural Alternative: The Civic Natural Gas
The Civic Natural Gas is the cleanest internal-combustion vehicle certified by the EPA. It meets Tier-2 Bin-2 and ILEV requirements—a claim no other vehicle with an engine can currently make.
The Civic Natural Gas runs entirely on natural gas, and it was developed with the real world in mind. Unlike other flex- or dual-fuel vehicles, which operate primarily on gasoline, the Honda Civic Natural Gas is run on compressed natural gas and operates virtually pollution-free. In fact, during testing, we found that hydrocarbon emissions were so low we had to develop new techniques to measure them.
The Civic Natural Gas hits all three of Honda's environmental targets: low emissions, high fuel economy and use of an economical, North American-based alternative fuel. But we are not just out to make an environmental statement. The strongest message about the Civic Natural Gas is that we didn't design it only to satisfy fleet or government customers, but to satisfy Civic customers as well.

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