Biological Agricultural Engineering

October 9, 2014

#29 Dr Saqib Mukhtar AgriLife

Welcome to Undergraduate Programs in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. The department offers two undergraduate degrees and a minor. These programs are for students who have an interest in engineering and technology; and who enjoy studying physical, life and mathematical sciences (subjects like biology, math, chemistry and physics); and like working outdoors or in a laboratory.

Proud to be an ABET accredited program

The Biological Engineering (BE degree) program has three undergraduate engineering concentration areas: Agricultural, Bioprocess and Environmental.

Technology Program

The program in Agricultural & Environmental Technology
(AET degree) is a technological degree program and offers three areas of study.

AET Minor

This Department offers an Agricultural and Environment Technology Minor. More information about this minor can be found on the NC State

Become an Agricultural Engineer
Become an Agricultural Engineer
Why Science? Ag & Biological Engineering
Why Science? Ag & Biological Engineering
Kansas State University Biological and Agricultural
Kansas State University Biological and Agricultural ...

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