Recycling of Waste Management

January 26, 2016

A recycling truck collecting

Think Green® - Did you know that recycling a single aluminum can saves the same amount of energy needed to power a TV for four hours?

When everyone works together, we can make the best use of our planet's natural resources. When you recycle the products you use every day, like cardboard boxes, milk jugs, and soda cans, you give new life to items that used to be thrown away, saving energy and helping lower greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

As North America's largest recycler, Waste Management offers a variety of convenient solutions for recycling items that don't belong in the trash. These include curbside pickup, return-by-mail kits, and more than 30 drop-off locations to make recycling easy for our customers.

With our curbside program, you simply set your recyclables at the curb on recycling day and you're done. Our single-stream recycling programs, available in many communities, make it even easier. Residents simply put all their recyclables into a single bin and let our advanced sorting technology do all the work.

  • Recycling Pickup

    Sign up for our recycling services and never take your paper, plastic and metals to a recycling center again.

  • Recycle by Mail

Waste Management CD Recycling
Waste Management CD Recycling
Recycling & Waste Management Services - Industrial Sector
Recycling & Waste Management Services - Industrial Sector ...
Waste Management and Recycling
Waste Management and Recycling

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